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[L2J] L2 Reverse Substack Now LIVE!


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Join us: http://www.l2reverse.net


Here are some server information:



The Server


We branched off L2J half a year ago and develop our own closed source pack ever since.


We are using payable Geodata by Stazis (L2Geo.com)


The server is located in Sweden, in a datacenter, so it's not a home server.


Server Hardware:


CPU Intel® Dual XEON 3.0 ghz

Ram:6 GB DDR3

Hard Drive:2 x 250 GB SATA-II HDD 7500RPM

100 MBit connection



The Rates


Exp & SP: 45x

Adena: 85x

Seal Stones: 10x

Drop: 25x

Spoil: 25x

Quest: 25x

Pet Exp: 45x


Enchant Rate: 66% (Retail)

Enchant Rate Blessed: 66% (Retail)



The Gameplay


Our server client is Freya, but it isn't like normal Freya.


We have unabled players to create Kamaels, we have also removed skills that are not from Interlude.

So you will not be able to have skills from kamael, hellbound, gracia and so on.

The skills will still work as they do in Freya though.


This makes the server "Freya/Interlude Chronicle", also makes our server unique!

But the features wont stop there. We also have a special subclass system.

It works like this:


You can only subclass 1 time, and you can only subclass to a class that is in your own race. (example Paladin can only subclass to a class that belongs to Humans, like Prophet).


Dwarfs can subclass to any class.


Once you made your subclass, you will be having the skills from both classes in 1 class. So you will be a Paladin with both Paladin skills and Prophet skills.


Subclass quest:

You can either do it the retail way, or you can get Golkonda's Horn (It drops when killing Golkonda (100% drop chance), Last Lesser Giant Glaki (50% drop chance) or Ember (50% drop chance).


If you use it (double/right click), then you become subclassed!



Farming Zone


You can level easier in Lair of Antharas.

It gets harder the deeper you get into the lair, how ever you should start leveling there atleast on lvl 52.


Adena drop is also higher in Lair of Antharas.



Raid Tokens


By killing Raid Bosses that are level 69-89, you can obtain Raid Tokens.


Trade these Tokens in our Misc Shop for Recipes, Parts or Quest Items.



Main/Market Town, Giran Castle Town


Armor, Jewel & Weapon Shop.

they sell D-Grade to B-Grade armors/jewels/weapons (unsealed and with SA).


Misc Shop.

they sell consumables, crystals and more.

enchant scrolls can not be bought in shops.


Event Shop.

In the event shop you will be able to trade your event tokens that you get from winning an event, in the event shop there will be prices like:

Hats, Life Stones, Hair Style potions, Soul Crystals (highest stages) and more


Donation Shop.

Donation gifts, that you trade for a donation coin. 1x donation coin costs 1 euro.

Gifts are stuff like:

S-Grade & S80Armory, Weaponry, Jewelry (not boss jewelry)

Also misc items like: Enchant Scrolls, Soul Crystal (highest stages), Golkondas Horn.


Donations are not too cheap and not too expensive, we aren't here to get rich on donations, we want to pay the server fee, and at the same time have a balanced server with donations.


NPC Buffer.

we have a NPC buffer, although the buffer only has:

Windwalk, Berserker Spirit, Acumen, Haste, Might, Empower and Shield.


Class Changer.

We have spawned class changers in every town/village, 1st job quest is free, 2nd is free and 3rd costs 10kk Adena



Custom Armors/Weapons


We are not using any Custom Armory/Weaponry since we're working with the Freya Client.





We have an automated running event.

Team vs Team.(Capture The Flag will be added aswell soon)


Also events hosted by our Staff Team.



Fantasy Island


Fantasy Island on our server is all a big Arena, enjoy pvping!



Mana Potions


Many fighters are often saying "Mystics are so overpowered in substack".

OUr mana potions heals the mana over time, like a normal HP potion, this means that you wont be able to spam them, and your mana wont live forever.


Hero Tournament


Hero tournament is an event that will show who should be hero.

Instead of Olympiad where everyone cheats etc, this event is hosted by the staff of L2 Reverse.


You will only fight players who has the same Base Class as you, so if you're a Paladin/Prophet, then you can fight against Paladin/Hawkeye, Paladin/x.


The one who wins all his/her fights, becomes the hero of it's Base Class (Until the next Hero Tournament which is 1 time every month).


You will only be allowed to use the Noblesse Armor.

And you will be allowed to use any weaponry you want (yes enchanted weapons are allowed), same goes with jewelry.


That's because enchant scrolls wont be easy to get.



Buff times


Dances/Songs 10 minutes

Rest are retail



We have so much more features that are waiting to be explored!

Join us and have the time of your life!

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We would love to advertise more with banners and such, but we just spent some of our budget on geodata.. so all we can do for now is to advertise on forums etc with posts.


Please help us spread the word in any way you can, our server deserves more players don't you think?

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We would love to advertise more with banners and such, but we just spent some of our budget on geodata.. so all we can do for now is to advertise on forums etc with posts.


Please help us spread the word in any way you can, our server deserves more players don't you think?

i will if the delays will be fixed, my friends don't wanna play because of that...

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The delay didn't exist before we inserted the geodata.


How ever there's a lot of geodata that is loaded, which doesn't even need to be there since we don't need geodata in the ocean etc.


So we will tomorrow morning start experimentin with the geodata and remove 50 - 60% of it which will make the server load faster again and only have geodata on the actual "world".

Hopefully this will fix the 0.5 sec delay.

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So you mean that Freya chronicle is all about skills?


And yes we removed the skills because we want to have a balanced substack server, skills that are new-er than interlude is kinda over powered, same with kamaels.


So yes we removed it and thought to have it like Interlude with freya continent, armors etc.

Don't like it? Why even bother to comment? If you need more post score go comment elsewhere.

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