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Request!EP/FREYA PVP Server

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I am looking for a epilogue/freya pvp server :


-easy farm

-no startwars players with overenchanted wepons

-more than 50 players

-npc buffers with all buffs (coz i cant 2box my pc sucks)

-not OP donates.


P.s No dubai inception null or others shits..wana FRESH SERVERS!

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We present you RealPvP, a revolutionary private Lineage 2 server which targets PvP. Our main target is to make a server as least customized as possible, thus we used key retail features as they are to enchance PvP without applying new tricks.


Server is under continuous development with the support of L2DC software and had been under closed Alpha testing for 2 weeks.


The team consists of real professionals with years of experience in Private Lineage 2 server development and management, plus the software we use for server emulation is the most advanced one.


Open Beta starts tomorrow, Friday January 13, 2011 at 18:00 GMT (+0), accounts will be automaticaly created on your first login.


The server will be wiped out after Open Beta ends and Account Manager will be introduced to our website.


Main server features

  • Freya support with almost fully working C1 to Epilogue features.


New players

  • All new players get top no-grade shadow weapon and armor for free on character creation.


Class Change

  • Every time you reach the appropriate level for evolving your class, you will receive a small question mark which opens a pop-up with the available options for class changing. Note that in case you close this window by mistake, you can always relog or visit the class change NPC at every town.


Real (Champion) Mobs

  • Easy to kill with great Adena drop rate till level 76.


Adventurer's Guide

  • Really cheap (almost free) Shadow D/ C Grade Armors and Weapons.



  • NPC Buffer with full Buffs, Songs, Dances and Chants for your character.
  • All famous character buff skills have 2 hours duration with buff slots staying retail.
  • You can cancel all buffs (including Dances & Songs by holding "Alt" key and clicking on them.


Basic preset buffs

  • Get buffed anytime, anywhere, any level for free. Just type .fb for Figher Buffs and .mb for Mage Buffs.


GM Shop

  • All items from B to S84 (incl. new Freya items), Enchant Scrolls, Clan Leveling items and Dyes.


Mana Drug

  • Restores 5% of your maximum MP value per click with 1 second resure.



  • Teleporting is for free and all standard main town Gatekeepers keep a "Move to farming areas" option to access main farming zones.



  • You learn all skills as you level for free, including those learnt by Forgotten Scrolls, even the Gracia flying skills!
  • Divine Inspiration is auto-learn.
  • You do not need Life Crystals for your Clan.



  • Adding a subclass is for free for all players, on every Grand Master NPC but still all other retail limitations apply (maximum subclasses 3).



  • Just visit the class change NPC on every town. It is authorized to advance you into Noble, for free!


Jail Manager

  • Got jailed but you got the cash? Pay on jail manager guarantee to take you out. The price depends on how much time you have been jailed and how many times you have been in jail before!


Disable and Enable EXP gain

  • Just type .exp to disable EXP gain and .exp to enable it again.


Announce PvP and Pk

  • Every time someone gets Pk or PvP, the kill is announced for all players to know.


Get in sync with server time

  • The command /time not only shows game time but also server time according to server's time zone. So you do not need to question or wonder about what time is the Siege or the Event you want to join!


Offline Trading & Shop System

  • Set your shop and hit "Exit". Your character will remain online (even after a server restart) until you log in again.
  • You are not allowed to setup a shop (offline or not) near another shop or NPC.


Character Statistics

  • Find out your full character statistics such as online time, PvP/ Pk, Raid Boss kills, Family status, and other, by typing.statistic or .statistics command.


Automated Events

  • Capture the Flag
  • Last man Standing
  • Team vs Team



  • XP Rate x200
  • SP Rate x40
  • Part XP/ SP Rate x1.5
  • Adena Drop Rate x200
  • Spoil Drop Rate x100
  • Weight Limit=2
  • Elemental Stones Drop Rate x10
  • Quest Drop Rate x30
  • Siege Guards Price x100
  • HellBound Points Rate x1000


NPC & Raid Bosses:

  • Level & Aggro title on all NPC.
  • Random enchant effect on all NPC.
  • Raid Boss minimum and maximum respawn time in half.



  • Anti-feeding system for PvP/ Pk/ Sieges etc.
  • Anti-feeding system for Olympiad games.
  • Anti-Pk system for low level characters.
  • Anti-hack system fully working.
  • Anti-bot system fully working.



  • You auto-loot all item dropped by Mob or Raid Boss.
  • You are not allowed to drop items on ground.
  • You can't trade in Jail.



  • Shout channel is global (all region) and english-only.
  • Trade channel is global (all region) and english-only.
  • Hero channel is english-only.


Community Board:

  • Community board shows online player count.
  • Community board doesn't support Clan Notice.



  • Fully working geodata with the best Geoengine.
  • Fully working dynamic cell pathfinding.



  • Retail chances (66% of success).
  • Maximum item enchant +16.


Website: http://www.realpvp.com/

Forums: http://forums.realpvp.com/




Opening Saturday January 29, 2011

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