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[WTS] Html Services


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Do you have a web design in PSD format that you would really like to see come to life on the internet?

Well I can make that happen.


All you have to do is to make your PSD "Easy to read", such as name the layers for example to "Home Button" etc, so I know what's what.

And then tell me what you want.




I do not code any image gallerys that most of you use on your PSD's to make it look good.

I do not code "Online Players" status.

I can add Top pvp/pk, online players etc but not on the main site, but that will make the price raise. Since it's php.

I can also setup, if you don't know how, forum for you if you have all I need for it (Web domain with database). Which will make the price raise aswell.

The forums comes with Re-captcha, best anti-spam/bot captcha there is.


My minimum price is 10 euros.

Only accept PayPal


Contact me first via PM, I hate having lots of people I don't know on my msn.

You must understand English!!


My work is fast as long as the PSD is easy to understand.

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Is this coming from a banned member or am I reading that wrong


I doubt magaki was banned at that point.

Anyway, I have no intention to damage my reputation over 15 euros.

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