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WTS WTS ES on l2stars x20 full s80..


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WTs char on l2stars x20 Es 85 lvl dyn fantom +4 150 earth with activskill eart dmg..AM+4 150 holy with activ skill solar s80 set healer full atribute (60) eart,wind,holy,fire,water adena-300kk Full boss jewels (beleth,frintezza,zaken,dynasty earning + ring all +4 )nobles, fulll certification skills (trigger zerg, celestial and passiv CP) ~120pvp/6pk with 20k fame armor all +4 +talismans from fortress.. and enchanting skills Trance +22 POW +15 block WW +15 resist shoc +12 unholy resist +12 passiv skills anti magic +12 robe mastery +15 wisdom +15 and clarity +12 for more info pm me  ;)

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