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Help with my Roy The Cat..



Guys I have problem with my Roy The Cat!!!

Only GM's and Admin can take classes.

In the players say: You don't meet the criteria (Something Like that)

What I must do.

And by the way I don't know how to change the buffs time.

I use L2J-Equal.

If you want add me in msn:


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Here are your options:


1) Read ALL guides on [General] Lineage II Develop [L2J] English-Greek section, believe me, they will help you.

2) Change project/pack(i let you choose what it is ;))

-Now according to your topic-

3) Did you enabled AllowClassMasters at configs? (it should me AllowClassMasters = True)

4) Do you have AltDevNoQuests = True?(config...)

5) Are you sure you spawned the correct npc? (i mean these projects have custom npcs....)

6) Buff time can be changed with many ways, either you edit data/stats/skills xmls, or with xml editor, or, or and or...(read guides on the sections mentioned above)

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