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[Request] HB/GF/EPI/FREYA -pvp


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I'm looking for  HB/GF/EPI/FREYA -pvp


+ [glow=red,2,300]no farm till death[/glow]

+ 80+ online

+ no nobl Q

+ rates minimum x 80 - 1111111111kkkk

+ gc /gcm must be Farmable or buyable  [ no sicK prices ]

+ many Events

+ nO fEED oly

+ server located in Eu

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XP/ Adena x1000

SP x200

Party XP/SP x2

Seal Stone/ Spoil x100

Drop x10

Siege Guard Cost x100

Enchant Skill Adena Cost x30

Weight Limit x2

Hellbound x10



Quest Adena/ XP/ SP Rewards x30

Quest Drop Rate x30



Max Subclass Level 85

Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon spawn announce

Dynamic Geodata Pathfinding

Premium Geodata & Geoengine

10 Seconds Spawn Protection

Subclass without Quest

Offline Trade

Auto Loot



Auto Lean Skills (Normal & Forgotten Scroll)

Auto Learn Divine Inspiration

1 hour Buff Times

Clan Skills without life crystals



Max Item Enchant +10

Safe Item Enchant 3/4

Item Enchant Success Rate 66%


Custom NPC:

Class Master: First, Second, Third class change for free

Item Mall: Up to S84, Cheap enchant scrolls, Clan leveling Items, Dyes

NPC Buffer: With basic Buffs, same as Clan Hall buffer



Every 6 hours in random

* Deathmatch

* Last Man Standing

* Capture The Flag



Automated Anti-Feeding System (for Olympiad, PvP, etc)

Shout/ Trade Global (all region)

Command .exp to disable/ enable exp gain


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You can see the features there.

It's new and i hope will have some players cuz i will play there. it opens on 14.01.2011

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GC - buyable + chance from events (it gives you 1 chest which can open in mastery /codex/bews/beas/some coins)

GC mastery - from Fortresses or from events that i specified upper.

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