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Test server on!!! www.l2.lt

New Lineage2 Expierence of game server So server start is comming up: December 17d. 18:00GMT+2






XP 69x, SP 69x, Adena drop 96x, Item drop 46x, Spoil 66x, Quest drop 16x, Quest reward 6x, Party XP rate 1,5x (75 * 1,5 = 112,5x), Party SP rate 1,5x (75 * 1,5 = 112,5x)


Additional info:


Our server is using the newest Epilogue mover.

12-150x150.jpg You can change profession by not prosecuting quests for that it is not necessary npc. It will be called dialog for you with options in a left corner when level will be barely ascended.


This server is not using GM Shop i. e., NPC in which you can do a shopping straightaway. All the necessary things you will be able to find in a Girano reteil shops:

Grocery Store Blacksmith




Shop have many Jeweler from No grade till A grade, also you will find Potions and other drinks, Shots from No grade till A grade, Forgotten Scrolls created according to profession, Clan Items till 5 level. In Blacksmith of Mammon you faind everything what need also Merchant of Mammon functions is, A, S and S80 functions. You can buy Basic Recipes and Materials.

Weapons Shop Luxury Shop

Upgraded from No grade till A grade Weapons. Upgraded from B till A grade Armors for crystals. Upgraded from 7 till 13 Stage Crystals.




Special Teleporter to Town of Giran gatekeeper


In Gatekeeper of Giran is Special Teleport, witch can teleport to Seven Sing areas for Special Certification only.

Small Trader Town Buffer Master Yogi (event)





Scheme Buffer you will find aside Gatekeeper in Girane. You can create in it 3 schemes, which capacity of one scheme 25 buffs and they are working for 55 min. also you can create 3 schemes , with other buffer you can do it same, but only for 12 buffs by scheme. Win S80 Weapons or Scrols randomly by tapy. More information in game to Town of Giran center.



Skills are learned automatically when a character level are barely ascended.

Olympics works stable. It is enough 3 players in order to start fights. “HERO” is changing weekly.


Icarus quest is working; you can get it at Jude. It is necessary to do a quest in order to get into Hellound Island in other way you will be kicked out from the island.


All skills charging and recharging time and effect is renewed by Epilogue.


Mail system added (/mailbox), send letters to players or items and you can demand for that a proper reward.


To Girano, Adeno, Goddardo “Gatekeeper” is putted teleports to “Seven Sings”, which puts you close to the gates. In order that you will be putted inside you will have to wait a certain period, which is changing weekly or you can buy Special Teleport Certification and you will have an opportunity at any period to get in a “Seven Sings”, also to move “Sealen Stones” into “Ancient Aden”.


Offline shop is added, now you can turn of Lineage 2 when you will built a private shop in a city and your name will change color in to darker which will show that you are offline.


“Sub Classes” skills are working for a major class according to l2j provisions.


“Spawn” security works for 20 s. none of the players could harm you during that time if you will not move in a “Spawn” zone.


“Elemental Skill Enchants” is working for all classes.


Full “Noblesse quest” quest, “Raid” level is raised till 84lvl.


All suggestions you can write into contacts.


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We think that we solved all problems related with lags, and as promised server will start today 15:00 GTM +2 Manome, kad


Also we installed new secure system, now if you want to play in our server you need confirm your ip adress, you can do that here: http://www.l2.lt/en/ip-patvirtinimas/ or login with your account and pusk link “IP Confirm” ir login panel.


Patch is the same, you can found in ir downlaod section


If you want to play in server you need registration on website, if you registered before, do not create another account, just login with old one and comfirm ip adress.


See you in game ;)

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