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Question about a Video [SOLVED, and I am stupid]

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You've seen a video called Incredible Warrior Tricks II?


Creator is Swifty, who was playing in Darkspear.


I want to have the list of the songs he uses if you can find them...


here is the link if you want it:




(I don't know if it is warez, he required payment for it, although the whole world knows this link to download it :S )


EDIT: Found them. I leave the link for anyone who wants to download it, it is really nice

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Holy shit. He had some serious skills. He turned the camera insanely fast.




PS Had to google this. Couldn't manage to google the others. Share here if you get the names.



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The ones I found :


Xandria- Fire of Universe


Orbital -Halcyon & on


X- Ray Dog- Here comes the king


The Crystal Method- The name of the game


Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight to the video



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