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Recruiting Developers @ InfernoL2.net

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Hi The Infernol2 team is looking for a few type of people to join our ever so growing team.


In search of:

Client editors

AI editors




Must Speak English Decent

Must Be able to Use Ventrillo

Must Have experience in Developing L2Off/Client Editing

Serious People Aply Only thank you.


Now about us..


Inferno l2 is based on the battle of heaven and hell, Our server is looking to move in the direction of a very custom server. We need people who are interested in creating very custom server items, Raids, Events, ect.


We have some ideas in mined we would like to do as in recreate the 7 Signs system to be based off heaven Side and Hell Side, And add custom Features that run off that system. And so much more. We personally want to take our server from one level and and move it to a level thats not been done yet.

Yes i know this sounds complicated and alot of things we want mite not be possible but hell we wanna see how far we can take this. All to often I have seen l2 servers one after another all the same. What makes them good or not is the community well I want what makes us great is what we can offer the player. If i post all what we want to do i'll be typing all day, Also will give all my ideas away .. And we want to be different.


Anyways as of right now we run Interlude client C5 system folder we have full Interlude Geos C5/Interlude Scripts Thanks to Pyro and L2 Synergys help on our scripts. I'm a sole coder for what we have, I have already coded in the dynasty items Mordor Epic Custom Raids {Currently Adding Dual Spell Books and Dual Daggers and a few dual Dynasty weapons} Also my graphics guy is texturing some new armor. And you may ask what did i code well 90% of the releases around here are for interlude and since i have C5 system I coded it for My system Folder. and i Write all my own item Data/Skill Data what i did not have to start with. Anyways I told you i would be here all Day.

Enough with my ranting..


If your Interested in checking us out, Contact me Via:

MSN / E-mail


My Forums


Or Msg me here on PP


Thank you for your time and sorry if I carried on just want you to know what you may or may not wanna apply for.





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