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What's this?

A modified client of League Of Legends that enables a massive amount of new features.



» modified Standalone Client - Version 2.46.5 «

client version: | last update: 10/17/2010


What pros this client has?

* uncut content (all effects, all sounds, blood, ...)

* optimized settings (high performance level even at max. quality)

* error prevention by auto. config the client to match with system specs

* additional tools to change different things

* several nice features (e.g. UI Editor, new loading screens, ...)

* often updates


What cons this client have?

* no official support by Riot( BUT it is allowed)


Are there any special requirements for this client?

No, they're the same as for the official client:

* .NET Framework 3.5

* DirectX 9

* Adobe Air & Adobe Flash

* 2GB free disk space

* Windows XP SP2 or higher

Downloads Section:


=== Client Download ===

You can find the latest client in this thread: http://lol-client.tk/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=70

Register in the ACE forum to stay up-to-date.



=== Client Updates ===


See the announcements in the ACE-Forum: http://lol-client.tk/index.php?page=Board&boardID=16


Take a look into the patch notes, so you see what has been changed.



=== Soundfiles ===


Currently in development


Preview: Content Manager 2.0


Based on the experienced with the last two major updates of the client, which were pretty devastating for some users because my sloppy coding, I decided to renew the Content Manager.

It will be the only tool that is part of the client.

To compensate the other tools the CM will get a major update.


Overview CM 2.0

- new CM-Interface with a "LoL-Design"

- able to do multiple, different actions without restarting the CM altimes

- manage all mods/addons

- manage and change the client configuration

==> server and language

==> display settings (resolution, quality level, ...)

==> sound settings (language, volume,...)

==> supporting profiles with import/export


- verifiy client state

==> repairing shortcuts and/or registry settings

==> restore important LoL files

==> reset LoL client and scripts


- generate reports

- uninstall the client



The following tools will be discontinued:

- ACE Patcher

- ACE Diagnostic

- ACE Downloader

- Feedback Tool


As the new client installer and the discontinued patcher the new CM will create a detailed logfile each time you're using it.

In addition he will have many functions "behind the scene" that you can't use but will be activated itself. For example if the registry data doesn't match with the current client data; he will provide hints what's wrong and how to fix it.



estimated release: Client 2.50.0 (or 3.00.0 if tons of changes are necessary)


Website : http://www.lol-client.tk

Credits : Matricus

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