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Lipon.. Den tha sbiseis tipota.


Mining: Tha pas icecrown kai tha farmareis mines mexri osotou barethis. Tha mazepseis saronites ores ta opoia mporeis na ta pouliseis 15g/stack. Tha mazepseis episis titanium ores ta opoia mporeis na ta pouliseis ksexorista sto AH h na ta kaneis titanium bars me tis opoies mporeis na ftiaxeis titansteels bar. { 3 titanium bars + 1 Eternal FIre + 1 Eternal Earth + 1 Eternal Shadow = 1 titansteel bar = 100-130g }


Me to mining bgazeis bolika lefta kai den leei na to sbiseis.


JewelCrafting: An exeis arketes epic recipes, agorase gems apo to AH me peripou 70-75g to ena. { P.x - 1 x Cardinal Ruby }


Kane tis gems autes meta me to Jewelcrafting kanonikes - etimes gia socketing { P.x 1 cardinal ruby - na to kaneis 1 x runed cardinal ruby. } kai poula tis 30-40g parapanw.


Gia paradigma: An pareis 10 cardinal ruby me 70g to kathena kai ta kaneis runed cardinal ruby kai ta pouliseis 110g einai 40g kerdos to kathe gem.


Auta pou tha xalaseis: 10 x 70 = 700 gold.


Auta pou tha kerdiseis: 10 x 110 = 1100 gold.


Kane to idio kai gia ta alla gems analogos pia eine ta pio akriva sto realm sou kai eise koble ;)

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symfwno me ton prolalisanta (:O)


JC + Mining einai apo tous kalyterous syndiasmous...


An afiseis to mining kai pareis Blacksmith 8a prepei na agorazeis ta mats, kai den 8a vgazeis kerdos.


Episis mporeis na agoraseis ta gems me emblems.


Kai vgazeis kai epipleon gold apo atoma pou psaxnoun gia JC sto trade chat.


Ara pigaine farmare (proteinw kai to AddOn: Gatherer) merikes writses kai meta gyrna sto AH, vale na pouliseis, kane kai kana shout sto trade

kai meta agorase gems kai kan'ta cut kai poula ta.


Omws min pareis px 10 cardinal ruby kai ta kaneis 10 runed cardinal ruby (an kai ayta poulane san trela)


Pare 4 cardinal ruby, 4 majestic zircon 4 ametrine klp kai ftiakse diafora gems....

Den exei noima na valeis 10 idia gem sto AH giati 8a se kanoun undercut.


Vale 2 apo to ka8e ena kai eisai mia xara.

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mhn eisai trelos reee... ama sbiseis to mining tha fas ola ta lefta tou kosmou gia na kaneis item kai na to anebaseis, deyteron to mining se syndiasmo me JC einai EPIC!! ta pio trela lefta ta bgazeis me afta ta dio... alla prepei na psaxteis mhn perimeneis epifotisi apo ton ourano an den breis ta kala spot gia farm pos na xirizese ta gem, pia na poulas, poso kai pote...Einai kapoia standar pragamata pou prepei na kaneis gia na bgaleis gold, kai oxi apla na exeis ta proff...

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Trela lefta thes Humm . Enchanter mining, leatherworking skining,Herbalism

Twra an thes des auto edw tha se voithisi se proffesion  http://www.thenoobschool.com/worldofwarcraft/


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