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WTT WTT L2 Liberator Character

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Main Class: Adventurer

Subs: Soul Taker, Ghost Sentinel, Mystic Muse

PvP/Pk: 1000, 110

Rec: 255

Clan level 8



DB w/ Passive Duel Might +20

DB w/ Passive Agility +20

AM w/ Active Heal +20

AM w/ Active Paralyze +20

AM w/ Celestial Shield +20

AM w/ Active Stone +20

AM w/ Prominence +0

AM w/ Active Shadow Flare +20

AM w/ Active Solar Flare +0

AM w/ Passive Wild Magic +20

AM w/ Passive Prayer +0

AM w/ Active Resurrection +0

AM w/ Active Ritual +0

Fist w/ Passive Focus +20

AS w/ Active Celestial Shield +20

AS w/ Active Stun +20


Actives: Duel Might, Might, Empower, Wild Magic, Focus, Guidance, Agility, Shield, Magic Barrier, MP Gain, Prayer, Heal Empower, Cheer, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul


IC Set +20

Drac Set +20

DC Set +20

Major Arcana Set +20

Tallum Robe Set +20

RB Jewels +20

10 Safe 100% Enchant Armor S Grade Scrolls

3 Safe 100% Enchant Weapon S Grade Scrolls

15k L2 Liberator Coins (300 for Safe 100% Scroll)

200 GB


Here are the features of the server.



You can change password here.



I'm looking to trade for other character/items in another server. Post here offers or PM!

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