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[L2DC-Gracia Epilogue]L2 AstralWorld x10


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Main features:

   * Gracia Epilogue

   * Full Anti-Bot

   * Two Boxes per PC

   * Weekly Restarts

   * Class Change NPC for 1st and 2nd Profession

   * Delevel NPC




   * XP/ SP/ Adena/ Drop/ Spoil: x10

   * Party XP/ SP: x1.3

   * Common Items/ Manor/ Fishing: x2

   * Raid Item Drop: x5

   * Raid Jewel Drop: x1

   * Siege Guard Price: x10

   * Max Enchant: 25.




   * Quest Adena/ XP/ SP Reward: x5

   * Quest Item/ Armor/ Weapon/ AccessoryA Reward: x1

* Quest Drop Rate: x2




   * Vitality bonus and Vitality points rate 10 times lower.

   * Auto-Pickup.

   * 30 sec Spawn Protection.

   * Shout Channel: Global.

   * Trade Channel: Global.




   * Full Geodata & DynamicA Pathfinding.

   * Olympiad Anti-Feeding System


Custom Features:

   * Offline Trade.

   * Store Zones at Giran (You can set a shop in a certain area in Giran Town).

   * Store Zones around NPC (You can not set a Private Store near a NPC).

   * Store Zones around Private Stores (You can not set Private Store very close to another Private Store).

   * Mammon Auto Announce.

   * Shift+Click In-Game Droplist/Spoillist.

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1. Vitality bonus is boosted. Max level vitality gives 200% XP bonus.

2. Next server maintenance will be this Saturday if all go good. This means many fixes and much more features.

3. If all go good, by the next server maintenance we will add TvT (Team versus Team) daily, automated event.

4. Very soon you will enjoy retail-like events again, like Rabbits to Riches, etc.

5. Distance between shops is now increased.

6. Quest drop rate (not reward rate) is increased to x5 from x2 it was before.

7. Hopzone.net toplist has reset for the new month, vote daily to support your server!


Have fun,

Astral World Team


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Server updated to revision 4915


4100: Changed wedding price to 125,000,000 adena, because now the money is taken from both players.

4101: Changed formula to have a better physical skills critical damage calculation.

4102: Fixed bypass for Fortune Teller NPC in Gracia Continent.

4105: Assigned skill to Blue Talisman Buff Steal.

4106: Fixed character combat mode null pointer exception.

4107: Rewrote game time controller, now night starts properly at 00:00 and not at 01:00.

4108: Fixed skill enchant exploit.

4117: Removed black Wolf from SQL as on retail this does not exist.

4118: Fixed issue with skills that give dmg and have effect stun, very often they were removin its own effect

4119: Changing Stun Break chances to be more retail-like. There is diference on PVP and PVE

4120: Changes to allow only 4pm and 8pm castle siege.

4121: New Era Retail Event implemented.

4122: Changes in critical hit formula.

4124: Fixed static Base stats (Wit, Men, etc).

4127: Converted Proof Of Clan Alliance to java and reworked huge bits of it to fix all issues with it.

4130: Fixed Attribute Attack Buffs (thanks l2j).

4131: Fixed cost enchant route for Wrath skill (thanks l2j).

Song of Silence is not a song (thanks l2j).

4140: Big vehicle rework. All movement stuff transferred to the AI (thanks l2j).

4142: No more shield block without a shield (thanks l2j).

4144: Use higher maxZ for Castle zone to prevent use wyvern on siege (thanks l2j).

4146: Fixed Binding Cubic skill (thanks l2j).

4148: Removed some duplicate NPC skills.

4149: Quest Sorrowful Sound of Flute revised to match retail.

4153: Support for item id in teleport table (thanks l2j).

4154: Retail HP, MP, XP, SP stats for Giants Cave and Mithril Mines Monsters.

4156: Red Talisman of Life Force (thanks l2j).

4159: Corrected attack reuse for bows.

4162: Fixed talking Island dock (boat is half on dock, half outside – thanks l2j).

Fix for route Giran- Talking Island (boat crash on rocks near Southern Fortress – thanks l2j).

4163: Fixed attack reuse of Crossbows.

4165: Fixed TvT into instance mode, was not working.

4166: Pets can no longer attack through walls/ doors.

4169: Added a few more system messages.

4171: Fixed The Name Of Evil 1 NPC dialogs.

4176: Fixed debuff Invul not working.

4177: Fixed Betray skill land rate.

4179: Raid Engine rework, now is crash safe.

Duplicate logout friendlist notification removed.

4186: Fixed ToI Doors not opening on interval.

4187: Changed TvT dualbox protection to real dualbox protection (clients per pc).

4190: Fixed issue with Primeval Isle mobs giving no exp and sp.

4194: Added perliminary support for clan airships.

4196: Reworked An Obvious Lie to java to fix all bugs with it.

4198: Pet and Summons should not cause Death Penalty.

4199: If the attacker is using a bow, multiply the Shield Block Rate by 3.

4204: A little more support for clan airships.

4205: Fixed Hellbound map.

4206: Hide should be removed when player get dmg (mostly from aoe skills).

4207: Fixed Warehouse Keeper Pasteime quest.

4210: Fixed fishermen do not display how many items are needed for learning.

4216: Rework of the weapon pvp bonus damage.

4217: Only +4 dual should be considered as weapon with SA (for the pvp bonus calculation).

4229: Fixed issue with clan hall payment keep on popping up on every login.

4235: When gaining the nobles status from the territory manager you should be able to subclass without quest too.

4237: Fix enemy summon skill target to be allowed when 2 ways war

4238: Fixed CP percent damage skills doing more than X% of cp damage.

4257: Fixed Servitor Blessing removing all buffs.

4261: Updated NPC stats to retail.

4263: Quest: Jovial Accordion revised to match retail.

4264: Fixed herb exploit, when high lvl player is gaining a lot of vitality on low lvl monsters.

4266: Fixed Kamaloka end instance.

4267: Fixed range of Ranga Orc sniper/archer.

4269: Updated Great Snow Wolf stats to be closer retail, still not fully retail but we are getting there.

4270: Small fixes for DCM mobs

4272: Some html fixes to meet retail, fixed issues with Shadow Step, fixed prices for a-grade weapons and added missing masterwork skills (thanks l2j).

4273: Updated Gordon’s droplist, fixed a wrong message in race track teleport and updated manor manager location in Schuttgart to meet retail (thanks l2j).

4277: Added a lot missing fortress teleports, still a lot missing though.

4291: L2j Sync 4256: Highly experimental: more accurate handling of vertical movements.

Fixed estimated 3D distance calculation when char is flying or swimming (should help with catapulting on the roof of cata with synchronize=2).

Allow vertical-only (2D distance is 0) movement (will be used for airships).

Fixed heading corruption (divide by zero) for vertical-only movements.

4293: L2j Sync 4257: User info update, TvT reward method update.

4295: L2j Sync 4259: Friendlist  packet rework.

4296: Synced a new javolution from l2j, updated the Friendlist packet.

4304: Fixed Evasion Counter cast range by Copyleft.

4305: Quest: Into The World to java.

4308: A polearm with SA should hit 8 targets not 4.

4310: Deleted python version of Good Work Reward quest and rewrote it in java instead.

4312: Support for HP/MP/CP Heal limit.

4315: Reworked Seal of Limit: Now it will “limit” the max value of hp mp cp to 30% of the max. This means that the target cannot be healed to more than his 30% of HP/ MP/ CP. Excluded from this the HP/ MP/ CP heal percent cause we don’t know about them and it seems strange to me that this will be limited too.

4316: Fixed issue with not beeing able to change subclass and get subclass certifications, rather a typo fix.

4317: Support for cannot evade physical skills.

4318: Every player (don’t know about npc) phycical dam skill with stun effect cannot be evaded. Also tribunal and judgement cannot be evaded.

4319: Fix for quest: The Guard Is Busy.

4320: During TvT – Capture the Flag, Flags and Thrones are spawned into the correct Instance.

4321: L2j Sync 4263: Restore offline traders on restart.

4323: Reworked partymatching now it should work better (thanks l2j for idea and some support).

4327: Removed “Trader Jose” from Schuttgart Grocery (like it is on retail).

4329: Synced goddard outer ring spawns to retail. I don’t know if it’s ok (especially with geodata on).

4330: Collision updates for npcs located between schuttgart and orc village.

4333: Some fix for Sailren.

4336: Fixed Fifth Anniversary Giran NPC spawn.

4340: Fixed Castle/ Fortress mage door attack.

4341: More Schuttgart spawn fixes.

4343: Core for future use of town spawn scripts.

4349: Initial commit of the first town npc spawn script, Schuttgart. It is far from complete, but i think it’s enough for a first test.

4350: Fixed Hude multisell.

4351: Corrected heal values for Elixir of Life.

4352: Scroll of Resurrection cannot be used while silenced.

4353: New approach for Script Spawn System.

4355: Moving a few more spawns to Schuttgart.xml

4356: L2jDP Sync: Prevent summon other player in instance.

4357: Territory Wars improvements for changeset 4340.

4358: Fixed Mob spaws in Wall of Argos so they do not spawn inside/on top of walls.

4359: Fixed Mob spaws in Wall of Argos so they do not spawn inside/on top of walls.

4360: Completed Schuttgart town spawns. They are now (nearly) completly in xml.

4361: Fixed some IT, Giants cave and WoA spawns.

4362: Fixed forgotten Patrol outside of the Schuttgart gates.

4363: L2J Sync 4267: Fix for player stuck after Scene.

L2J Sync 4268: Player marked as teleporting before decay -> shouldnt be removed from all players map till disconnection.

4364: Moved Dwarven Village and surrounding spawns to xml.

4365: Fixed subclass change for kamaels.

4366: Fixed auctioneer in Schuttgart. Was the wrong NPC on totally wrong location!

4367: Fixed Raid points on World info.

4368: Some fix for SA skill and fixed pole pvp bonus. They should not have pvp cancel.

4371: Fixed mobs using SS.

4376: Changed Kamaloka party instance to allow reenter if raid was not killed. Only after killing raid, all party get the 24 hours reenter limitation. Thanks Zealar for this info.

4379: Fixed debuffs not beeing removed on duel end.

4380: Stun time should be updated when the same stun is reapplied before the end of the first.

4383: Cruma Tower -> Premo shouldnt respawn on attack.

4384: TvT Event – Dualbox protection tweak.

4386: Moved Dark Elf Village spawns to xml.

4388: Added missing html for clan management and updated another one.

4389: Abyssal Power is a second class skill and it should have 30 enchant lvl.

4392: Negate skills should not remove Raid Curse.

4394: Correct fix for Purify and Raid Curse.

4396: Core for latest to avoid problems when exiting mute effects when raid curse is active.

4397: Fixed TvT CTF Flags disappearing from instanced TvT.

4398: Fixed debuffs not removed after duel end.

4399: Secret Meeting With Ketra Orcs to Java.

4403: Secret Meeting With Varka Silenos to Java.

4405: Parcel Delivery to Java.

4407: Whereabouts Of The Archaeologist to Java.

4409: Sweet Whisper to Java.

4410: Light And Darkness and The Coming Darkness to Java.

4412: Meeting With The Golden Ram to Java.

4413: Reworked The Road Home and The Immortal Plateau to Java.

4414: Fixed issue with not beeing able to change siege times as GM.

4415: Go To The Pastureland to Java.

4416: Bring Up With Love to Java.

4419: Fix for formula and for critical damage too high.

4420: Hidden Truth to Java.

4422: Failed Login Attempt Protection relased, players will be informed about failed login count when entering game.

4425: Tragedy In Von Hellmann Forest to Java.

4426: Lidias Heart to Java.

4427: Update Anti Summon Skill script a little bit, fixed some errors in it.

4429: Fixed Trance does not land.

4430: Fixed wrong Critical Proficiency formula. Now the critical damage should be correct.

4435: Added new boolean for skills “castWithoutTarget” for skills like vengeance, blink, earthquake etc that should be casted even if no valid target in the area.

4438: Surrenders should remove resist buffs.

4448: Fixed Skill: Anti-Summoning Field.

4449: Fixed Good Work’s Reward quest.

4453: Update Great snow wolf stats to be retail-like, now wolfs are fully retail-like.

4454: L2JDP Sync 7464: Peace and no Summon Friend zone for Death Gate.

4455: L2JDP Sync 7473: Walking Suspicious Merchants for Narsell Fortress.

4457: L2JDP Sync 7479: Homunculus spawns correction.

4458: Fixed pets non levelling up to 86.

4465: Added missing soulshot and spiritshot use for npc for Mdam (and other) skills.

4466: Fixed Good Work’s Reward quest for Warlock.

4467: Fixed blow damage.

4469: Fixed Keltas respawn time.

4471: Fixed typo, Khavatari not Khauatari.

4475: Update quest reward to GE for “Status of the Beacon Tower”.

4481: Added Custom Item engine.

4482: Optimized helper buff table a bit. Now player and summon buffs are seperated completly and we can define lower and upper level for summons and players seperatly. Though it’s custom I think this could be useful (and also should improve performance a bit).

4484: Gargos AI to java.

4485: PvP power handling rework and formulas cleaning.

Fixed target ally skills.

Fixed a lot of problems with knowlist (char/npc disappearing, skill random flagging, area skill not working etc).

4486: Fixed Blinding Blow.

4490: Fixed aura and area skill hitting only 1 target and the problem of random flagging when using area skill.

4493: Fixed wrong system message on extractable item/skill action.

4497: Quest: To Talking Island to Java.

4500: Talking Isle Area to xml spawnfile.

4501: Converted Body Destroyer AI from py to Java.

4502: Converted Blade Otis Kamaloka Boss from py to Java.

4506: Fixed missing newbie helper buffs.

4507: Now it’s possible to reload helper buffs while server is running.

4509: System Message about new effect on player should be send only if the effect land.

4510: Blink should not be attack after cast, if its true, player after teleporting is immediately going back to his target.

4512: Primeval Island Drop

Added S and S80 Equipment.

Adena balanced with mob stats.

4513: Powder Keg to Java.

4514: Fixed flagged when doing skills.

4515: Primeval Adena drop fix according to Acoby’s retail test. Lowered percentage of Qi drops for:

A Powerful Primeval Creature

Rise and Fall of Elroki

4516: Converted Kamaloka Minion Follower Of Allosce AI from py to java.

4517: Converted Kamaloa minion Follower Of Montagnar AI from py to java.

4518: Converted Kamaloka Boss Ol Ariosh AI from py to java.

4522: Giran Harbor Gatekeeper teleports to town under siege.

4525: Reworked few Kamaloka Monsters AI and removed memory leaks.

4527: Fix potions:

Territory Health Recovery Potion

Territory Mana Recovery Potion

Territory CP Recovery Potion

as destroyable/ depositable.

4529: Primeval Island quest item drop rate: A player there said to me that the drop rate is 100% but i’m not gonna trust him without testing putting 50% for now (instead of 35%).

4537: Birthday Buff handled better. Should not disappear at restart.

4538: Birthday Cake skill little tweak.

4546: After using the Magic Bottle players are stuck and cannot attack unless they move first.

4551: Added missing levels for skill Imbue Seed of Destruction.

4562: L2JDP Sync 7485: Retail Event Gift of Vitality

L2JDP Sync 7486: Retail spawns for Gift Of Vitality event

L2JDP Sync 7487: Retail Event Heavy Medals

L2JDP Sync 7488: Judicators Skills (Rework).

4567: L2J Sync 4283: Fixed Clarity: Mana checks will operate with decreased numbers. Now, for example, you will be able to use spell consuming 100 (with clarity 20% – 80) mana with 90 mana.

L2J Sync 4284: Players can’t use offline trade in vehicles

L2J Sync 4285: Just Another Geoengine Fix: “Can’t see target” problem, for example, near Roaring Skylancer.

4570: Fixed problem with pathfinding (was not used at all), now mobs and characters moves well.

4576: Added Eye of Kasha full AI:

Eye of Kasha is not attacking anymore.

Eye of Kasha is sending different system messaeges in different situations.

Eye of Kasha can now cast debuff onKill, with is decreasing stats.

Eye of Kasha can give only 1 buff per player, its not possible to lvl up buff to lvl 4 on one monster.

While exiting Den of Evil buffs are removed.

4581: Optimized vitality task runtime a bit. Now it should only run when you are in peace zone, not always. If it’s not the case there is nevertheless a check inside the task, that validates again if you are in peace zone (just in case players can somehow leave peacezone without triggering onExitZone).

4597: L2JDP Sync 7489: Increase power for 80 lvl mage skills.

L2JP Sync 7490: Mirage Skill in other way

L2JP Sync 7492: Little Html fix

L2JP Sync 7493: Skipped

L2JP Sync 7494: Landing zone in Seed of Destruction

4601: L2j Sync: Added full support for Clan Airships.

4607: Fixes problems when you start server with vitality disabled. Players will loose all their vitality.

4611: Fixed Banish Seraph 3rd enchant route.

4612: Added Turn Undead 3rd enchant route.

4613: Added:

Sacrifice warrior.

Sacrifice knight.

Sacrifice rogue.

Sacrifice wizard.

Sacrifice healer.

Sacrifice enchanter.

Sacrifice summoner.

4619: Fixed NPC Glow.

4620: L2J Sync 4289: Fix for heal cubic.

L2J Sync 4290: Fixing decay problem with clanships.

L2J Sync 4291: Fix for disable autoshots on weapon equip.

4631: Should fix bug with heroes match history not displaying well after the first page.

4632: Converted Expulsion Of Evil Spirit from py to java. Added missing raidboss part for this quest.

4636: Changed required items count for Dynasty Ring recipe in ReedFieldMaintenance? quest.

4646: Fix for not being able to cancel auto soulshots.

4648: Fixed zones error regarding clanairship.

4652: Added missing herb drop from some mobs.

4653: Giants Cave doors fix, thanks Droppo.

4655: Fixed “Chest Keys disappear when you are out of range”.

4664: Make multilanguage community board region htmls available.

4666: Added some new enchant routes:

Hex: Add Attack

Hold Undead: Add Attack

Turn Undead: Holy Attack

Fixed Lightning Barrier Chance enchant.

4669: Added a kick when jailing offline shops.

4688: Death Mark is a debuff.

4692: Added missing spawns to Dark Elven Area.

4693: Added missin ssBoost in Fatal Counter skill.

4707: Possible fix for the pet feeding issues when mounted.

4709: Eye Of Kasha 100% retail like AI.

Buffs are basing on count of each kasha in each camp.

Camps explode every 7 minutes with the eyes casting debuff.

Buffs are removed on exiting zone.

System messages about growing power of eyes.

4710: Added 100% retail like Eye Of Kasha AI.

4721: Fix for vitality lost when logout or server restart.

4724: Fixed Containing the Attribute Power.

4725: Better handling of curse near Guardian of the Altar, moved from global zone check to individual check for each player.

4730: Heat of the Desert tweak, on retail is 3 sec debuff (and hp are damaged) and 3 sec without debuff, so it’s a tick every 6 sec not 3.

4731: SOE and BSOE should not works if silenced.

4734: L2JDP Sync 7506: Teleport for Shanty Fortress.

4735: L2JDP Sync 7510: Rocket Gun Hat item.

L2JDP Sync 7511: Red Sky Timed.

4736: Fixed Golem Trader.

4742: Fixed for wrong runspeed for Great Wolf and Snow Wolf.

4750: Fixing wrong alert with vitality system. It should not throw a “vitality points are stored without previous initialization”, because it is initialized.

4751: Added New Era event.

4753: Normal Attacks elemental formula fix. When difference is between 151 and 250 the bonus is x1.705, when between 251 and 299 is x1.85 and when >= 300 the bonus is x2.0

4755: Missing buylists for Renee and Judith in Goddard Grocery.

4756: Fixed dialog for Renee and Judith in Goddard Grocery shop.

4757: Fixed Eye of Kasha not moving anymore.

4761: Fixed wrong quest reward in Beyond The Hills Of Winter.

4762: Correcting every bid from int to long. Correct clan hall grade display fix.

4763: Fixed Frintezza not attacking.

4764: Fixed Frintezza and Baium respawn time.

4767: Fixed Antharas, Valakas and Ant Queen respawn time.

4774: Zombie Lord Farakelsus is now targetable.

4775: Initial commit for zone spawn system. It currently only contains data for gremlins in DE newbie grounds.

4776: Removed talking island static spawns from spawnlist.sql and enabled according script spawn xml.

4778: Completed talking_island_area.xml with all npcs in talking island village.

4779: Added How to Oppose Evil quest.

4780: Frintezza update (thx Beowulf).

4781: L2JDP Sync 7518: Epic quest transformation update.

4783: L2JDP Sync 7521: Missing skills for “Greater/Quick? Healing Potion (Event)”.

L2JDP Sync 7522: Divine transformations can be used on olympiad.

4784: L2JDP Sync 7525: Guardian of the Skies quest.

4785: L2JDP Sync 7517: Missing NPC spawns.

4787: L2JDP Sync 7529: dp part for talisman reuse.

L2JDP Sync 7530: pvp armor – mirage fix.

4789: L2J Sync 4310: Core support for talisman decrease mana on skill use.

4792: L2JDP Sync 7531: Some Fixes…

Updated reuse delay for Vanguard Skills.

Disabled boss zone for Lilith/ Anakim.

4793: L2jdp Sync 7532: Proof of Existence quest.

4794: Fixed wrong reuse of Gift of Vitality buffs.

4795: L2JDP Sync 7534: TEMP FIX for raidboss cancel spam.

4802: Fixed Airship bypass.

4803: Insanely low drop rate of qi for Expulsion Of Evil Spirit fix.

4806: Fixed heading for dwarven village defenders.

4810: Fixed extractable item problem.

4811: Fix for not being able to use Newbie Guides after listening to but not taking a newbie quest.

4816: Proper system messaging where possible (no attributes).

4820: Updated Stakato Nest monsters stats to Gracia Epilogue.

4821: Updated Stakato Nest geodata to Gracia Epilogue.

4822: Synced a few collision and weapon values for npcs from retail.

4824: Updated Stakato Nest monsters AI data to Gracia Epilogue.

4825: Fixed the problem of double broadcasting of this message when buffing.

4828: Few more collision and weapon values from retail.

4829: Fixed magic bottle and bottle of souls stucking chars.

4830: Fixed skill casting problem (Cannot see target).

4831: Tuning some Primeval Island drop and starting Stakato Nest drop list.

4832: Last part of Stakato Nest Epilogue drop list.

4833: Few more collision and weapon values from retail.

4834: Increased drop chance for quest “A lotter and a railroad” since on retail nearly every mob drops a quest item.

4836: Fixed Pailaka issues.

4838: Wrong Hp and Mp consume for Earthquake enchant 2 costs.

4839: Fixed “earn special skills for low-ranked soldiers.” dialog.

4840: Fixed problem with birthday buff not correctly applied.

4841: Added missing html for adventure guildsman in schuttgart.

4844: Added missing spawn in Schuttgart. NPC “Linda”.

4846: Added Stakato Nest Gracia Epilogue quests, Im The Only One You Can Trust and Only What Remains.

4847: Added Stakato Nest Gracia Epilogue monsters AI scripts.

4848: Added Stakato Nest Gracia Epilogue zone and zone skills.

4849: Added Stakato Nest Gracia Epilogue spawnlist, Queen Shyeed can now lvl up soul crystal to stage 14.

4853: Cancel Skills power increased.

4863: Fixed Quest: Head For The Hills, being able to retrive 6000 soulshots more than one time.

4864: Quests refactoring, adding Q ID to Java quests Part 1

4865: Core: since it was not working, trying something different for debuffInvul.

4867: Quests refactoring, adding Q ID to Java quests Part 2

4868: Quests refactoring, adding Q ID to Java quests Part 3

4870: Quests refactoring, adding Q ID to Java quests last part.

4872: Some quest drop rate tweaks.

4873: Fixed and re-enabled quest For A Good Cause.

4875: Fixed Gludio-Gracia ship boarding.

4876: Elemental Attributes : Dark Elven Area.

4879: Added check for teleporting in falling damage function to avoid damage after teleport.

4881: Tweaking critical damage, now it was too high. Also added a check to avoid critical damage to be lower than normal damage.

4882: Fixed and re-enabled quests:

Take Advantage Of TheCrisis

Grave Robber Member Rescue

Luciens Altar

Mithril mines are now finished also quest side.

4883: Fixed HP/MP/CP heal limit when healed amout was more than max HP.

4884: Fixed Quest Good Work’s Reward.

4886: Update to Frintezza script, npc, zone, skills etc. Thx l2j (Sync L2JDP 7548).

4891: Elemental Attributes : Talking Island and Dwarf Village zones.

4892: Fix for 1 Hangman tree and Karik wrong spawn.

4893: Reverting [4547] cousing to much problems, mini rollbacks, not working jail timer, battle stance problems, flags problems and etc.

4894: Fixed dialogs for Quest Skirmish With The Orcs.

4896: Contestable Clanhalls still not tested.

4898: More of contestable clanhalls.

4899: New quest “Competition for the Bandit StrongHold”.

4902: Elemental Attributes : Orc Village and Elven Village zones.

4904: Quest Steps for Honor added.

4905: Should fix the problem with Block Shield to not block the rebuff of improve/chant of combat.

4906: Purification Field, Miracle, Flames of Invincibility and Mass Recharge cannot be used at oly.

4907: From retail it seems that Pride of Kamael matk bonus is applied on every weapon and not only on kamael ones.

4909: Max Negated missing into boss cancel.

4910: Party XP Distribution update. The retail method to do this is based on lvl and the max difference is 20.

4911: Fixed Quest: The Other Side Of Truth.

4912: Pets should also get bonus from herbs.

4913: Bless the Blood should trigger only once every 3~ seconds.

4914: Recharged MP is influenced by the difference between the target level and the skill level.

4915: Some Frintezza changes (L2JDP Sync 7555).



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Server updated to revision 4925


4916: Some Frintezza tweaks (L2JDP Sync 7556).

4917: Added skills Acrobatics, Iron Body and Dance of Protection (L2JDP Sync 7557, 7558, 7559).



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i just love this server!ppl say that if there are big changelogs that means nothing has been working!its not like that!if there is big changelog that means everything is going even closer to retail!i vote everyday for this server and im sure i will stay here for long!

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4944: Reworked QA AI and fixed exploits (disabled cause of conflict with Anti-Bot System).


4941: Retail spawn system: Added spawns for Exection Grounds.


4939: Final fix for entering Baium.


4938: Final fix for MP Recharge reduction.


4937: Varangka's Dre Vanul should spoil Glove Pieces not Gauntlet Pieces.


4936: Fixed Skill: Pride of Kamael mAtk bonuses.


4935: Fixed Angelic Vortex.


4934: Mana Gain should add 85 MP not mul the mp value x1.85.


4931: Reworked Ghost of Batur a lil bit and transfered to java.


4930: Small optimization for Heart In Search Of Power.


4929: Fixed minigame fix for Quest: Proof Of Clan Alliance.


4928: Small fix for Mana Healing.


4927: Only What Remains quest drop rate tweak, 50% seems more retail like (from what i've heard in the PTS).


4926: Small fix for Mana Healing.



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    • Acis is emulating retail gameplay, in which there were no voiced commands. You can implement this on your own.
    • i know acis 🙂 even its devs are refusing the problems the pack itself has and im not giving any fix list in order them/you to fix, im abusing them in the servers that im playing. what im generally saying is; even those classes are op in l2off, how come u fix those issues by the pack itself? it doesnt matter how updated the pack is, im actively playing the servers that been opening with most recent files. anyway, i dont have to test anything on the server, just log-in any l2off server and try surrender, vortex and hydro blast/prominence/hurricane to any npc and then test the same thing on acis to see urself. or easiest way; log l2off, get a cardinal, greater battle heal to urself and then test the same thing on acis
    • Our pack is based on - latest - acis rev with our own updates. What you're describing is old, garbage outdated acis revs that were indeed as bad as you're describing. Our formulas are 100% retail and yes, that means the classes you mentioned are strong, but at the same time you're forgetting that the same goes for all classes. Welcome to Interlude where all classes are very strong unlike H5 where all classes couldn't solo kill anyone in mass pvp unless the target was massively cancelled.   Skill spam is based on skill re-use formulas and atk speed which are also retail on our files. Also skill cooltime which is something only people who bother with skilldata are aware of. The files you're talking about are extremely outdated.   You completely forgot about mages and their retail MC rate and multiplier on Interlude which was indeed the most broken class on the client. You could google L2 Teon interlude forum archives and people talking about that sph "progamer" (from ITT side) who once obtained valakas + passive wild magic he was nearly 100% mcriting (x4) and solo-ing parties by himself with a single support behind him. I'm pretty sure if you youtube search "progamer l2" or "progamer lineage" you will find a few ridiculous videos of him.   Ah forgot to mention that the OBT is live and available for you to run your own tests. If you test something and think it's not retail like, THEN you can come to me and report it. Right now you're assuming based on information from 5 years ago.     His post would make sense back in 2016-17 probably
    • hello can some1 help me to instal sql files?  i have thisproblem and i cant find where to put batch of mysql  https://ibb.co/tZ8Ccp2
    • I was sitting here, thinking long and hard about where to begin or how to properly adress this post, but the only thing I can say is... "?"
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