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Hello to players.See this message means you are around here...So Let me introduce to you in a few words our .

Our L2J Project called L2Skyline. created in order people will having fun on it.GM's most of the time are online and willing to help everyone.There is surely no corruption and there isn't anything that GM team will leave to ruin your gameplay.

We dont have long time that we opened and we hope we do good work.Just report it to us and its Fixed. is 24/7 and it's stable..that i mean is that there will be no wipe or shutdown of .Joinin' and playin' in server make us stronger cause you show that way you like it.So we work hard for it.Only thing that GM team is asking is a lil bit respect since beign a GM and works means you want the good of the server.Anything like bad comments is that we dont like.

Many events daily just by voting us.

Help you'll enjoy your time here.Have fun by

~GM Team~




AllInOne NPC(That you will need such as gmshop,buffer,etc.)


Here's the All In One NPC.Wich means you can do everything you want there.GM-SHOP-Buffer-High Priest-Symbol Maker-Gatekeeper,etc)





If anyone wants spawn this on his clan hall or his castle or his fortress just contact an online GM and he will spawn it.




What You Need To Farm :


Well,every server have something to farm in order to buy equipments.

Here's what you'll need to buy your Vesper Items.

It's Gold Knight.



Vesper Price is : For Weapon : 3.000 Coins.

For Armor : 1.800 each part.

For Jewels : 1.800 each.




Custom Mobs(Farm area Mobs)


We have farm areas in order to take coins.Farm 1 drops more coins than Farm 2 since mobs are kinda harder.


So here we go Farm 1 Mobs :




Farm 2 Mobs :






Also we have a Farm area only for attribute stones wich is Farm 3 :

Here is the mobs :





Also here's the mobs of our Party Area Mobs :





Drops : coins+attribute stones+ls





Server Information:


EXP: 650x

SP: 650x

Adena: 1000x

Drop: 10x

Spoil: 15x



Max Enchant 20

Safe Enchant 3

Normal scroll 70%

Blessed scroll 100%

Attribute Stones Success 30%


Auto Learn skils

TVT event every hour

Constant Events by the GMs

Buffs 3 hours

AIO NPC (All in one) Even if you need to train your clan skills you can do it there!

Daily Back up!

Fun and Helpfull GMs


Max Subclass 5 (Certi working fine)



Details :


-We have custom Raidbosses with custom drops.

-Custom Farm Areas with custom drops.

-Custom TvT Price.

-Custom PvP zone a good place,wich hasn't any mob.(cause maybe they aggro it to hit them and get barrier,or drain from it).

-Custom GM Events everyday.

-Custom EXP of gremlins.(1 gremlin = 79 lv and so on.You hit 5-6 gremlins and ur 85).

-Top PvP-PK List on AllInOne NPC

-For Nobless you need only 25 Coins and 80 level.

-Olympiads every 2 week.

-No donations.(yet)

-Fresh opened.

-Buffer doesn't have Improved buffs and Summon buffs.

-Cant use All In One NPC if you are in combat or flagged.

-No need go to rune for attribute potions or change attribute.Its on Our manager AIO

-No Curruptions.

-No feeding in olympiad(Checking GM).

-PK Guards.

-S grade belt.

-Echant Glow weapon.


More and More and More , just join us and find out D:


Website : www.l2skyline.com

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if you would fix the flood attacks :)




its simple java its not history or physic :X


It's not so simple... ;) and btw nobody can fix flood attacks (flood = DDoS Udp 80%)

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not actually mine,but i play there..

anyway thanks a lot!

what do u mean u play there? :o

last time i was on that server u were [Event]GM  :o

btw i am coming back to see what happens on this server and to farm a bit ^^

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