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I decided to make a topic about some quests in l2 , so mxc member will not have to find on google etc etc :) .. Let's start with


subclass quest


once your character is level 76. You can began the first guest out of two to add a subclass to your character


1.First task, To start the first quest Fates Whisper,teleport to oren, and find Maestro Reorin who is found east of Oren. Here is the picture of his location

Once there he will ask you to free his wifes soul Reiria, that the Raidboss Cabrio has, to get the soul you need to slay him




2. Shilen’s Messenger Cabrio is located north east of the cemetery. Here is a picture of his loaction. After you kill him a chest will spawn, Now quickly open that chest to receive Reiria’s soul orb.





3.Now after you get the soul teleport to oren and go talk to Maestro Reorin, now he will ask you to go TOI (Tower of Insolence) to kill 3 Raid Bosses to get 3 Infernium Scepters.

Same as Cabrio a chest will spawn after you kill each Raidboss, when you open each chest you will receive a Infernium Scepter.

I'm not gonna get into how to find each Raidboss or this will really long its simple walk to the floor and look around. To get to toi 3 teleport to Toi and walk up there. To get to toi 8 teleport to toi 10 and walk down DONT TRY TO WALK THERE FROM TOI 3 its takes really long, trust me i've did it b4. To get to toi 11 teleport to toi 10 and walk up there.


Tower of Insolence Third Floor - Hallate



Tower of Insolence Eight Floor - Kernon



Tower of Insolence Eleventh Floor - Longhorn



4. Once you have each of the Infernium Scepters, return to Oren, and go talk with Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to go to Oren and get a Inferium Varnish. Now go back to Oren, open your map and walk to the Warehouse and talk to Warehouse Freight man Cliff, he will give you the Infernium Varnish.




5. Return the Infernium Varnish to Maestro Reorin, he will ask you to meet Head Blacksmith Ferris to get his Hammer. Now teleport to Aden walk to the BlackSmith house, and speak with Head BlackSmith Ferris to get Maestro Reorins Hammer.




6. Return to Maestro Reorin with his Hammer, now he needs his Mold from Trader Zenkin in Oren.

Trader Zenkin is located in the Weapon and Armor shop, he says he sold the Mold to Master Kaspar at Hardins Academy.




7.You can teleport to Hardins Academy from any town, Teleport there go into the cave and speak with Master Kaspar, he says in order to get the Mold, you will need to get Baium’s blood by using the Pipette Knife that Master Kaspar gives you.  go to hardins Academy so u dont have to go back and forth. Talk with him again if u got the knife and he should give u the Mold.





8. Now before u go and give Maestro Reorin his mold go to the Misc Shop buy 984 grade B cystals and buy a top grade B weapon to i usaully buy a BoP (Bow of Peril) now return the Mold to Maestro Reorin. After this he will let u choose a low grade A weapon, and you will receive the Star of Destiny

Now don't think your done so fast, you need to complete Mimirs Elixer now.


Mimirs Elixer



1. Now to begin this quest Teleport to Ivory Tower, go to the Dark Elven Floor (4th). Ladd will tell you to bring him Pure Silver, Now to make Pure Silver you need one lunagent (which can be purchased at the misc shop) you also need quicksilver, you can do a boring quest to get this or buy it from gm shop (if the server has :P)





2. Talk to Supplier Wesley at basment of Ivory Tower,Now after you talk with Wesley he will give you a quest, ignore this if u got 1 lunagent and 1 quick silver click on the Urn combine both of those ingredients, to combine these use the 3rd setting phoenix. USe this setting for the rest of the quest




3. Now that you got Pure Silver, Take to back up to Magister Ladd at Ivory Tower.


4. Bring the Pure Silver to Ladd on 4th floor of IT. Now he tells you he needs True Gold.

He will tell you to go to Joann on the 3rd floor.




5. Talk to Magister Joann on 3rd floor IT.

She will ask you to go to Giant Cave to hunt Chimera Piece, to get a Sage Stone. Now teleport to Giants Cave and jump down if u cant see i way look around the birdge theres a opening. Now kill the Chimera Piece to get the Sage stone. Once you've got the Sage Stone take it back to Ivory Tower.




6. Talk to Magister Joann in IT again.

Give her the Sage stone. She will give you the True Gold.



7. Now to back to Ladd, and talk with Ladd at Ivory Tower, and Give him the True Gold. Now he says he need Blood Fire (think that whats its called)



8. Now teleport to LOA (lair of Antharas) and hunt Bloody Guardians. You can walk there from the beginning its near the Kariks. Or if u got silent step and lure, teleport to LOA heart and lure one and kill it. Once you got the Blood Fire go back to Ivory Tower.




9. Now go Back to Ivory Tower.

Now go to the Basement and use the urn, and combine Pure Silver and True Gold together with the Blood Fire in the Cauldron in Ivory Tower to get Mimir's Elixir.

Use 3rd degree (phoenix i believe) to combine.




10. Bring Mimir's Elixir to Ladd

Once you've talked to Ladd the elixir should disappear from the inventory and the quest will be completed.

You will get an A grade weapon enchant as a bonus.


Congratz, You have just finished your quest

Now teleport to a town and talk with the blacksmith, Grand Master, Grand magister and etc. Depending on the class you want to have.



noblesse quest


Possessor of a Precious Soul 1


1. Find Talien standing on the stairs leading to Einhasad Temple in Aden. He asks you to bring him the record of the seventeen nemesis who once challenged the Land Dragon.




2. Visit Gabrielle, a direct decendant of one of the heros. She is located near the west exit of Giran town square. She mentions a poet in the hero bunch who became an undead guarding Antharas.




3. Locate Antharas Watchman Gilmore at the entrance of Dragon Valley. He says that he is too busy and sends you to find the Elf Witch Baraham, who is also one of the seventeen heros.




4. Baraham is inside a cave west of Beehive. If you take the road from the beach leading up towards the Monster Race Track, the entrance will be on your right. You will find Quest Monster Baraham in there, surrounded by six Quest Monsters Cave Basilisks. Kill Baraham to get Legend of Seventeen. The basilisks are social but they should all be dark blue to you at this point and fairly easy to kill.





5. Go back to Talien. This time he wants an echo crystal containing the song about King Raul and the unification of his kingdom.


6. Talk to Melody Maestro Kantabilon in Heine's Grocery Store. He says he would gladly give you the crystal but he first needs to restore it.




7. Hunt Malruk Succubus and Malruk Succubus Turen for 10 Malruk Succubus claws. The drop rate is bad (about 1 claw per 12-15 succubi), although it is not last hit required.




8. Bring the claws back to Kantabilon


9. Return to Talien with the echo crystal. He yet again asks you to find a record for the third legend concerning heros who fought Beleth.


10. Meet Master Stedmiel in Warrior's Guild at Hunter's Village. He gives you a faded poetry book.



11. Back to Talien. He tells you that his sponsor, Virgil, wants to see you.


12. Go to Virgil in Rune. He is up on a balcony behind the temple with his colleague and his sick granddaughter.



13. Virgil asks you to help his granddaughter rid of her nightmares. Speak with Ogmar for more information. He tells you that the Grand Seer Rahorakti has a cure.



14. Grand Seer Rahorakti is located in the Mystic Guild just underneath the temple. He says that he needs 5 units of crimson moss from the Splinter Stakatos in Swamp of Screams to prepare the medicine.



15. Hunt Splinter Stakatos, Splinter Stakato Walkers, Soldiers and Drones. The drop rate is about 1 moss per 30-40 kill but again not last hit required. Hunting in Swamp of Screams is a bit tricky since the monsters here have the tendency to run for the closest nest and bring back reinforcements when their hp falls low regardless of where you are standing. Make sure you bring someone who can root them because the Drones resist sleep. They also do bleed and stun.






16. Take the crimson moss to Rahorakti.


17. Take Rahorakti's Miraculous Medicine to Kassandra, Virgil's granddaughter, then talk to Virgil again.


18. Go to Goddard. Caradine is standing by the east gate.




19. Head Blacksmith Noel reluctantly accept your offer to help them. Collect 5 lunargent and 1 hellfire oil. (Total base items needed: 2 sulfur, 5 quicksilver, 10 blood root, 60 volcanic ash, 100 lava stone, 100 demon blood, 500 moonstone shards. Refer to Supplier of Reagant quest on where and how to obtain these items.)




20. Once you've got the final items, return to Noel.


21. Go back to Caradine. She gives you Virgil's Letter to start the second part of Path to a Nobless, Possessor of a Precious Soul. Go talk to Virgil once you reach lvl 60 on your subclass.




Possessor of a Precious Soul 2


1. To start the quest speak with Virgil in Rune Castle Town (in Rune temple) , he will tell you to speak with Kassandra . She will send you to Ogmar.


2. Ogmar will send you to Swamp of Screams to meet with Mysterious Dark Knight .



3. Speak with the Knight and ispect the dead angels to find a single blonde hair.


4. Speak again with him and he will send you to one witch who owes him a favour - Kalis

http://lineage.pmfun.com/loc/30759/kalis.html (he is near ivory tower)


5. Talk to Kalis  and she will ask you for some items in order her spell to work.


6. Now you have to ask Alchemist Matild  for the items. Once you have them return to Kalis  .



7. Kalis will make the spell and found the princess but you must hurry, cause the princess is in danger. Go to Valley of Saints


8. Chek where the yellow thumbtack is. Find the entrance of the cave. Here kill the quest monsters in order to obtain  Orbs Of Binding. Now you must speak to all the 4 seals and use the orbs to unseal the unicorn. The 4th seal will take all of your orbs of binding. After talk to the unicorn, who comes alive and it turned to be the princess! Now return to Kassandra.


9. Speak with Virgil and you will recieve Caradine's Letter, which you need to start the next Noblesse Quest. (to start the quest you need level 65 of your sub).



Possessor of a Precious Soul 3


1. To start this part of the quest speak with Caradine in Goddard Castle Town. He will tell you that the princess needs some items to unseal her magical powers.


2. Speak with Ossian. He will ask you to hunt Pilgrim Of Splendor  and Judge Of Splendor  in Valley of Saints. Hunt then until you get  Ring Of Goddess: Waterbinder and  Necklace Of Goddess: EverGreen




3. Go back to Ossian with the items. Now you need to kill raid boss - Flame Of Splendor Barakiel  in Valley of Saints. Only the people in the party who gets last hit on the raid boss will receive the quest item.



4. Return to Ossian, he will give you one box. You must bring the box to Magister Ladd in Ivory Tower.


5. Magister Ladd is at 3th floor. He will give you  Caradine's Letter where is written that you must go back and speak with her when you reach 75 level of your subclass. Congratulations! Now you need just few more levels and you can start the fourth and final Noblesse Quest !




Possessor of a Precious Soul 4


1. Go and talk to Caradine in Goddard.


2. You will be teleported to the Coliseum next to the Lady of the Lake. Speak with her and you will find out that she is the Goddess Eva! She asks for your help. You accept and you become a Noblesse and receive  Noblesse Tiara .Grats!



Possessor of a Precious Soul 1,2,3,4 NEEDS


Possessor of a Precious Soul 1

Level: 50


Possessor of a Precious Soul 2

Level : 60


Possessor of a Precious Soul 3

Level : 65


Possessor of a Precious Soul 4

Level : 75


P.S Photos are not mine , searched on google , text are 40-60 for me ;) ... hope i helped ;D


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well i will just drop that site coz i was many times asked ing by players with lower l2 experiance how to do some quest or what to do when u kill that mob etc.

here u go. there is almost everything what u would need in l2 but i dont know if it is updated to epilogue.



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if we think like this i dont have to make just any guides :P ... i made it jsut to have a place on forum ;) ... you can see many guides , you can find them all on google ... but everyone spend his time to have them on our forum . so do i ...

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if we think like this i dont have to make just any guides :P ... i made it jsut to have a place on forum ;) ... you can see many guides , you can find them all on google ... but everyone spend his time to have them on our forum . so do i ...


Thx for this guide fuma i think it will help many people!

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guide is everywhere wat a waste of time

but Gj


as i told all of the guides are on google .. so? everyone who made them is "waste of time"?


anyway ty ...

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you can see many guides , you can find them all on google


That's totally wrong.

Ever thought of people making guides thanks to experience / general knowledge?

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That's totally wrong.

Ever thought of people making guides thanks to experience / general knowledge?


Actually, the guides on google are made by people like these

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OMG ... I did it because the forum didnt have any guides like this .. pfff .. i tride to help and everyone says the worst he can ...



Loled... google.com or pmfun.com all used about this guides and btw next time try to make something better, no just to c/p from other sites etc.
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if we think like this i dont have to make just any guides :P ... i made it jsut to have a place on forum ;) ... you can see many guides , you can find them all on google ... but everyone spend his time to have them on our forum . so do i ...

actually u are right.
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