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Aion GameMaster Commands

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i Find Some  Aion GM Commands


//announce <message>

the message is sent to all players chatbox


//notice <message>

the message is sent to all players chatbox and a message appear in center screen


//kick <playername>

disconnect the player


//moveplayertoplayer <player1> <player2>

move player1 to player2 location


//movetome <player>

move player to my position


//movetoplayer <player>

teleport you to player position


//moveto < X Y Z>

teleport to specified XYZ coordinates


//goto <place name>

teleport youself to specified place name

example: //goto poeta

complete list of place names later.


//promote <player>

give admin rights to player


//revoke <player>

revoke admin rights to player


//add <itemID> (Temporary Disabled)

Adds an item to your inventory


//setexp <value>

Set target player experience amount


//setlevel <level>

Sets target player level


//spawn <npc_id>

self explanatory


//deletespawn <target npc>

self explanatory



save all spawn data to files



reload all spawn data from files



self explanatory


//printid <target player>

show target player ID




//fsc <opcode> <packet structure> <values>











//promote to other people you'd like to have access to admin commands






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