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[Guide]How to embed subtitles to a movie


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Required Programs:


DivXLand Media Subtitler:






Subtitler Filter:



XviD Codec:



1. Install XviD Codec


2. Install DivXLand Media Subtitler


3. Extract VirtualDub and Subtitler filter.


4. Cut and paste all the files from subtitler filter inside VirtualDub->Plugins



5. Run DivXLand Media Subtitler and File-->Open video... (your movie should be .avi type. If not you can convert it to avi with some freeware programs or cracked.)


6. After that you open your subtitles at File-->Open text or subtitle... (usually the type of the subtitle you downloaded is .srt so you must convert it to .ssa to be able to embed it with a movie.)


7. To convert your subtitles from .srt to .ssa you go to File-->Save as... Click the highlighted arrow and choose SubStation Alpha[sSA]



8. Then press Configure format...



9. Here you Select your Font And Color And then press OK.



10. After pressing OK it will tell you ta save it. Select a location i prefer Desktop to find it easier :)


11. After saving it Open it from File-->Open text or subtitle...


12. Now go to File--->Embed Subtitles... Click Configure... and select the movie quality. (if you set it to max quality the movie size will increase.) Click Browse... and select the VirtualDub folder. If you want to change the resolution size click the arrow and set your dimensions. I personally leave it as it is. After all that click next.



13. After you pressed next another window will appear and click OK. The Movie now is embedding with the subtitles.

14. When it finishes you have your embed movie ready to burn to a dvd and watch it with your friends. :) (The movie will be saved at the location of your movie you have selected to embed.


Hope i helped ya guys. =)


Some multi-language subtitle sites:










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This Is A Very Good Guide And Working 100% !

Amazing Guide, Atheist! It's extremely useful and helpful! I was looking for it and yea it works!


It deserves karma!

xexe thanks man very usefull and nC share.... :P


Thanks for the comments guys. Am glad that i helped you. :)

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My steps:


1. Download KMPlayer

2. Download subtitles and the movie

3. Drag subtitles onto the KMPlayer



= you're done.


I didn't know this way i will try it and will see. :P


Edit: I tried it with greek subs and it reads the subs wrong. Also does it really save the movie with the subtitles on it? Cause i think it just plays it with the subtitles only.

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It just plays the subtitles along with the movie..

Nice Guide.


PS: if you want greek subtitles displayed correctly without embedding them on the movie you can try VobSub ( works with almost any player ).

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