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  1. afto nmz molic pecei lg t CP fixarete mono t
  2. bravo file m +1 website sto collection m :)
  3. to topic diko m ta sites einai apo allous k evala credits apo dipla :P
  4. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=132858.0 afto?
  5. Γεια σας ειπα να κανω 1 collection για τα L2 websites.. L2Aura WebSite by OverMe ----------------------- L2cr.com WebSite Flash And Html by OverMe ----------------------- L2Arte Website by OverMe ----------------------- L][Website (no name) by OverMe ----------------------- L2Valinor by OverMe ----------------------- L2Website and HTML by OverMe ---------------------- L2Insanity Website by OverMe ---------------------- L2Kod Website by OverMe ---------------------- L2Zone Website By OverMe ---------------------- L2Website 2 (noname) by OverMe --------
  6. bravo re file na k ena site tis prokopis :)
  7. t na c pw file m gia enan server p dn exei kana kalo template kalo einai
  8. i will do it and i will edit my post to told you Edit:man i can't do it :(
  9. wraios o srv file m tn dokimasa
  10. dn eim new file m afto ein t kanonikok m acc apla eixa la9oc t name k ekana allo :) opoc eipe k o silver einai gia ta NPC p dulevun me SCRIPT