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[info]HLTV Everything you need to know about it


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Description: HLTV is a program that allows you to make a direct connection to a server, Half-Life (this includes how CS) and with whom you or to record demos with match times will allow you to do you live on the Internet that match . HLTV demos you to view a game that took place and what was recorded. You can see from any point of view while playing a demo, making it useful for catching those encoded or learning new tactics.


Connecting to a HLTV:

1. Search for a game HLTV

To find a game using HLTV, start Steam Steam menu and select Servers. Window that appears after you click daceti Spectator (if you do not have Steam, the CS menu click on Find Servers> Spectator). There was a will see a huge list of servers and you can choose what server you will find using the Change filters. After the updated list, double-click a server where you will connect and you go as a spectator.


2. If you already have IP address

If you already have HLTV's IP address from which you want to connect, you can add to favorites or you can manually accessed by typing the following command in the console game:

connect x.x.x.x:PORT

x.x.x.x - is IP

      PORT - is usually 27,020, but may change



How do you on the Internet:

First HLTV.exe start button and a console. This we find in the main folder where you installed the server / game, near HL.exe and other files. You can give your server name by running:

name "eXtream HLTV"

extremely HLTV - put any name you want


The next step is to connect HLTV's a CS server. Enter the HLTV console command:

connect x.x.x.x:PORT

x.x.x.x - is IP

      PORT - is usually 27,015, but may change


After you connect to the server, you can type the command status and will receive information on that server.


* So remember, HLTV sites usually use port 27020 and CS servers usually use port 27015!


Camera angle:

Considering that you are already connected to a CS server using HLTV, you can watch the game from several angles. Press key 'Jump' (usually used for jumping - Space) or change the key back through the 'Duck' (usually used for sitting - Ctrl)


Registration of the game which takes place:

HLTV console type the command:

record name-demo

The demo you can stop using the command:


Demo files are saved in the \ cstrike. All demo files have names after the format below (name, AALLZZ, map):


      <name> - <date> - <map>. dem



View demos recorded:

Demo file must exist in the folder cstrike \ the game. If it's ok, go in the game and type:

playdemo nume-demo


viewdemo name-demo

Connect IP: Port - connect HLTV in a game (initial port 27015)

disconnect - disconnects from the server's HLTV, but not close and HLTV.exe application. All clients connected to it stay connected.

Stop following - will disconnect from the server, disconnects and customers and stop the HLTV demo recording. Text word stands for a possible farewell message to be displayed in defeat.

quit - close the HLTV.exe

retry - Retry last connection called

autoretry 0 | 1 - 0 (not Retrying connection), 1 (if the connection is interrupted, automatically redials HLTV server CS)

text name - set name table score HLTV

hostname text - set HLTV name's

serverpassword text - set the password game

grant the following - set password for RCON and commentator

proxypassword text - set the password for other sites HLTV

spectatorpassword text - set password for spectator

clients - displays the names of persons connected to HLTV

Proxies - displays other sites connected HLTV

players - displays the names of people who play right now

ID kick - kick a spectator on HLTV

IP Bann - restrict an IP address

clearbanns - removes all IPs restricted

say text - send a message in the game where you can chat with players

text msg [<durata> <pozita x> <pozitia y> <culoare hex rgba>] - sends a great message (HUD) to all viewers

localmsg text [<durata> <pozita x> <pozitia y> <culoare hex rgba>] - like the msg, just visible only to clients on HLTV

servercmd row - forward command in the console game

clientcmd group string - forward command to all customers in specified group (groups: 1 = spectators, 2 = HLTV's, 3 = all)

n loopcmd id string - loopcmd will run 'string every' n 'seconds. 'id' is a number between 1 and 64 to identify the loopcmd. "nothing loopcmd id" will disable a control loop again. 'loopcmd' without any parameter will list any command from the list

signoncommands string - console commands to be executed by local spectators after the connection was established. Orders can be separated semicoloane.

maxclients n - set the number of spectators on HLTV (originally 128)

delay n - slows the game play for n seconds. Initial value is 30 seconds to avoid codes. If the delay is set at a value below 10 seconds (eg 0), the function will disable direct authority.

rate n - count the game speed to send data to HLTV

Updater n - game updates per second sent from server to HTLV

maxrate n - sets the speed of sending data to spectators

maxloss f - set acceptable rate of loss of data, the initial value is 0.05 (5%). If the loss is greater, new audience trying to connect will be rejected.

maxqueries n - the maximum state of questions per second required rasfoitoarele server [here not sure what he means]

dispatchmode 0 | 1 | 2 to 1 (will redirect to other players that connect HLTV's working to balance each other), 2 (any spectator will be redirected), 0 (redirection is off)

publicgame 0 | 1 to 1 (server IP address will be visible to spectators and players will be allowed entrance)

offlinetext string - those that connect to HLTV will receive a rejection message if it does not deliver yet

chatmode <0 | 1 | 2> - 0 (spectators can not talk), 1 (only connected to the same HLTV spectators can talk to each other), 2 (all spectators can talk to each other)

bannerfile file - set a TGA file (rgba) logo will be displayed as the spectators

ping IP: Port - HLTV ping to a server on the specified port (port originally 27015)

nomaster 0 | 1 - If enabled, HLTV sites will not register as WON servers

forcemaster 0 | 1 - if activated, will record HLTV sites WON servers

heartbeat - sends a packet data manually WON servers

region n - sets the region in which there's HLTV

rcon string - send a command to other servers

rconaddress IP: Port - sets the address where it will be sent to the rcon command string

rconpassword string - set password for your control HLTV

cheeringthreshold f - here I understood what he was saying ... (originally 0.25)

blockvoice 0 | 1 - If enabled, any voice will be blocked

cmdlist - displays all available commands (ie those which are explained here:))

logfile 0 | 1 - stop | start logging in a file with a. log

status - displays information about the state's HLTV

modules - shows all versions and modules HLTV's

filename exec - execute a configuration file (extension. cfg)

string echo - displays a text to HLTV console

developer 0 | 1 - display additional messages in the 'developer'

record filename - records all the games in demo files after syntax:

"filename-<date> - <harta>. DEM"

stoprecording - stops recording a demo

playdemo filename - starts broadcasting a demo file to connect to the HLTV

* N = is a number

* String = is a string



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