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There is improves IPXS account its main !!!

I have all message when I register account and all pms my.NOOBISH ERRROR SECTION.

I add systeamfreak and dragonslayrer in my project Harpun.They can say my name is IPXS.






You are now registered with an account at MaxCheaters.com, IPXS!


Your account's username is IPXS and its password is ******** (which can be changed later.)


Before you can login, you first need to activate your account. To do so, please follow this link:




Should you have any problems with activation, please use the code "ca1574497e".



The MaxCheaters.com Team.




i show this password and info maxtor pm and he say its not my account.


One man buy donater status main account IPXS and now maxtor give him main account.


All improves and he give password main donate status buyer ,and change my account name :DD NOOBISH ERROR create IPXS  theme now is?

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You can pm him or add him at msn.

I suppose that he will understand if you tell the truth or not.

And be more polite please (i'm talking about the title).


your english sucks too


ye, that's real irony ^^

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