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[Share] Ping Faker Cs 1.6


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Description: With this plugin you can simulate the lag on server: display of very high or very low.







Name: Ping Faker

Version: 1.4

Autor/Credits: MeRcyLeZZ[my bro xd]


1. It pingfaker.sma put in addons / amxmodx / scripting

2. It pingfaker.amxx put in addons / amxmodx / plugins

3. Come to the file addons / amxmodx / configs / plugins.ini and add the following:


4. It fakepings.ini put in addons / amxmodx / configs /


Cvar sites:

pingfake_enable 1 / 0 - activate / disable simulation's lag (default 1)

pingfake_ping - the lag will be displayed (default 1337)

pingfake_flags - will affect all players with specific flags (eg "abc");

pingfake_bots 0/1/2


   * 0 - no lag false displays the bots

   * 1 - displays lag false and bots

   * 2 - shows just the bots fake lag


pingfake_multiplier - the more it will increase the player's current lag (0.0 - disabled)


Administrative command

amx_fakeping <player> <lag> - simulates the player's lag (-1 disables this command)






In the file add steamid fakepings.ini or ip's and desired lag.

When a player enters the steamid or IP that will show them to lag that value set.


"STEAM_0:0:123456" "1337"
"" "101"


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