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[Preview] Avatar (+ Fanclub wut)


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What do you think about my new avatar?? I find it kinda cool, don't you think??




And here there are a couple of similar





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nice i really like it but please,

make and one for me plOx.

Ehm.. 3 ppl have teh same avatar already. I will try to make a new one for meh and then I will share it for everyone. xP
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Magkara13 which is the font you have used?

I won't tell you. xd


I really like it,most of all cuz its simple.

Could you create one for me too?...

Not now... Maybe when I have a new avatar. ;P


Nice style mate :).It looks like the Rock Star Logo :P

Yes, true. Well, it wasn't my aim to make it similar to Rockstar logo. When I finished it I remembered that it was like that one. :p


I can tell that it is creative,and I really like creative things :D

Good job nab!


Thanks. :)
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