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[L2J] L2pvpwar PvP/WAR


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L2pvpwar Server - Epilogue

+ Freya's weapons/armors/jewels

+ Trans Pomander


Download Client using utorrent

1. http://l2pvpwar.com/download/utorrent.exe

2. http://l2pvpwar.com/download/Lineage2.Freya-L2ver.torrent

3. Run L2.exe in system_l2pvpwar.

4. Choose L2pvpwar (Eng) when you login.




1. Rates

Exp: x220

Sp: x220

Adena: x220

Safe enchant: 3

Enchant Diff: Weapon - Armor differ by 4-5

Enchant Difficulty(Weapon) : normal til 9

Enchant Difficulty(Armor) : normal til 5

Elemental Values(Weapon) : 300

Elemental Values(Armor) : 120 each

Spoil: no need

Manufacture: no need

Farming Area: Primal Island

Power Zone: Oracle Island


2. Freya items

We implemented freya weapons/armors/jewels and PvP items as well.


3. TvT

Take place every even hour.

You can watch TvT in observer mode.

You will be removed from TvT when you die 15 times.

TvT ends when the other team members all get out.

No need to wait for TvT running time fully.

You are randomly rewarded with a trans pomander, with which you can change your look.


4. Trans Pomander - Awesome!!  ;D

Aren't you bored with the same look between classes?

You can change your look whatever you want.

For example, you can have Fortune Seeker's appearance as Moonlight Sentinel.

You can change your look to Human/Elf/Dark Elf/Orc/Dwarf/Kamael x male/female. ;)

Status no changes, only the look.

We developed this in the first place among other private servers!






* No need to register. Just create your account and login.

International Community! Experience great quality of PVP.

Great Balance between occupations!



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  • 8 months later...

What appears to be 400 in ping is not real. Feel it on game if you really feel 400 ping.

The reason starting with 1kk is because you can earn adenas so easily. The server does not have to support from the very begining. You can't just judge anything without any experience. Do the game for just one day and you will see how it's gonna be.


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