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How to add spawn protection?

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Hello Folks, as title said, i 'll help you now, how to made your own spawn protection (Help ful for pvp server)

When some player teleport to some zone, he ll got Skill that no1 can Hit he, and He also cannot use skills (can be change in effect line)

Let's start. i will give you Custom Lines with Generated ID codes.

Go to your /Script/ folder, open skilldata.txt

Go to last line of skills, add this line:

skill_begin	skill_name =[s_spz_pa_dwn]	skill_id = 10731	level = 1	operate_type = A2	magic_level = 1	effect = {{p_block_spell};{p_block_skill_physical};{p_block_getdamage;block_hp};{p_block_getdamage;block_mp};{p_block_buff};{p_block_debuff}}	is_magic = 0	mp_consume2 = 0	cast_range = -1	effective_range = -1	skill_hit_time = 0	skill_cool_time = 0	skill_hit_cancel_time = 0	reuse_delay = 0	activate_rate = 10	lv_bonus_rate = 1	basic_property = men	abnormal_time = 7	abnormal_lv = 3	abnormal_type = silence_physical	attribute = attr_none	effect_point = -10	target_type = target	affect_scope = single	affect_limit = {0;0}	next_action = none	debuff = 1	ride_state = {@ride_none}	skill_end

(Copy & Paste style), save & done.

Now let's go to skill_pch.txt

go to last line and paste this one line

[s_spz_pa_dwn]	=	2747137

Done & Save.

Now you should go to skill_pch2.txt, last line and paste this one

2747137 -1 0 0 1 -10 34 132 3 0 0 0 -12345

Done & Save.

Go to you'r own areadata.txt (Script folder) and just make lines like this

area_begin name=[imperialTomb00] map_no = {25;15} type=poison target=pc	skill_name=[s_spz_pa_dwn]	skill_prob=100	unit_tick=3	initial_delay = 0	default_status=on range = {{186698;-75916;-2826;-2626};{186700;-75916;-2826;-2626};{186700;-75914;-2826;-2626};{186698;-75914;-2826;-2626}} area_end


area_begin name=[NameofYourLocation] map_no = {geo;data zone] type=posion target=pc

then just change x. y, z.

 range = {{186698;-75916;-2826;-2626};{186700;-75916;-2826;-2626};{186700;-75914;-2826;-2626};{186698;-75914;-2826;-2626}

This lines. (Can you can check your location with /loc command, or Target your self, alt + g and put Information button.



GeoData Parts - http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/1215/mapc6wo9.jpg with any problem's post me here.


IF i crap smth, i'm sorry. I'd get focus today .

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can u explain why there are 3 different locations for 1 ?


range = {{186698;-75916;-2826;-2626};{186700;-75916;-2826;-2626};{186700;-75914;-2826;-2626};{186698;-75914;-2826;-2626}


i dont get it + i didnt bring it to work :/

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can u explain why there are 3 different locations for 1 ?


range = {{186698;-75916;-2826;-2626};{186700;-75916;-2826;-2626};{186700;-75914;-2826;-2626};{186698;-75914;-2826;-2626}


i dont get it + i didnt bring it to work :/


There are actually 4..


The point is that your making a zone (3 dementions space)


point has 3 coordinates + point hight




x,y,z and z to z1 (z1 point above z)


so there you need 4 of this points to create 3 dimentional space =) (with this you make some kind of cube)


so in order to make peace zone just for spawn u need to make zone that is 2x2=)

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cool guide for newbie...

and endArt,could u tell me how to make a city pvp zone?i want to create a pvp zone in Giran...


Find giran_town_peace in areadata.txt and change type=peace_zone to type=battle_zone

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Will these skill be on only when the player is teleporting? Or anyone can use that skill whenever he wants?

IMO,  I think the PK Guards are pretty enough.

Always friendly.

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  • Vision changed the title to How to add spawn protection?

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    • Totally understood. You are right. I am not denying the time and the effort that you guys have poured in learning and developing yourselves as able devs. If I am not a learner then I would have bought a ready solution like korean client worked-out (not sure if there is. I have never tried to look for) Frankly, I have never bought any packs or some stuffs but just been working on a pure pack from l2j by myself. Actually I am not asking you guys to do everything for me. I just looked for a clue to solve my problem. (I am a korean and there is no korean community for l2j developing) I searched this forum for related articles and found some but all the instructions were just from normal users, not devs. They just shared their thoughts or opinions not apt informations. Namely, I could not get any clue for my problem.   Anyways, I already gave up to mod client due to lack of informations and knowleges. Have a good day brother.
    • Hi, I have seen in l2gold.in that there is an item that when clicked spawns a mob/raid_boss ramdom, this is edited from the ai or you have to create a mod in extender?, I am using the Dandiarena datapack.   I have seen the skill to spawn a pet with an item (dragon flaute) and I have seen the s_skill to spawn the unicorns (elemental summoner), I tried to create a s_summon of a raid boss but it threw error, for this reason I decided to come here to ask, this can help many people.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   SPAWN CAT: skill_begin    skill_name=[s_summon_blackcat1]    /* [쀜뀼 삣 끔 삣] */    skill_id=1111    level=1    operate_type=A1    magic_level=20    effect={{i_summon;[cat_the_cat_a];70;[crystal_d];0}}    operate_cond={{can_summon}}    is_magic=1    mp_consume1=8    mp_consume2=31    item_consume={[crystal_d];3}    cast_range=-1    effective_range=-1    skill_hit_time=15    skill_cool_time=0    skill_hit_cancel_time=0.5    reuse_delay=21600    attribute=attr_none    effect_point=0    target_type=self    affect_scope=single    affect_limit={0;0}    next_action=none    ride_state={@ride_none;@ride_wind;@ride_star;@ride_twilight}    skill_end   SPAWN ITEM (DB +10): skill_begin    skill_name=[s_en_draconic_bow_focus_10_box]    /* [Box with Draconic Bow Focus + 10] */    skill_id=10043    level=1    operate_type=A1    magic_level=1    effect={{i_add_enchanted_item;7577;10}}    is_magic=0    mp_consume2=0    item_consume={[en_draconic_bow_focus_10_box];1}    cast_range=-1    effective_range=-1    skill_hit_time=0.2    skill_cool_time=0    skill_hit_cancel_time=0    reuse_delay=0    attribute=attr_none    effect_point=0    target_type=self    affect_scope=single    affect_limit={0;0}    next_action=none    ride_state={@ride_none;@ride_wind;@ride_star;@ride_twilight}    skill_end   DRAGON FLAUTE: skill_begin    skill_name=[s_wolf_collar]    /* [Modified 15 May 2009 18:44] */    skill_id=2046    level=1    operate_type=A1    magic_level=1    effect={{i_summon_pet}}    operate_cond={{can_summon_pet};{op_not_territory;{{51341;218103;-3252;-2932};{53341;218103;-3252;-2932};{53341;220103;-3252;-2932};{51341;220103;-3252;-2932}}}}    is_magic=0    mp_consume2=0    cast_range=-1    effective_range=-1    skill_hit_time=5    skill_cool_time=0    skill_hit_cancel_time=0.5    reuse_delay=0    attribute=attr_none    effect_point=0    target_type=self    affect_scope=single    affect_limit={0;0}    next_action=none    ride_state={@ride_none}    skill_end     ITEM WITH RAMDOM DROP (GIFT/BOX): skill_begin    skill_name=[s_ingredient_box_1]    /* [샜쁽쁘 상삐] */    skill_id=2175    level=1    operate_type=A1    magic_level=1    effect={{i_restoration_random;{{{{[blood_root];2}};20};{{{[sulfur];2}};20};{{{[infernium_ore];1}};35};{{{[demons_blood];2}};25}}}}    is_magic=2    mp_consume2=0    item_consume={[ingredient_box];1}    cast_range=-1    effective_range=-1    skill_hit_time=0    skill_cool_time=0    skill_hit_cancel_time=0    reuse_delay=0    attribute=attr_none    effect_point=0    target_type=self    affect_scope=single    affect_limit={0;0}    next_action=none    ride_state={@ride_none;@ride_wind;@ride_star;@ride_twilight}    skill_end   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   SPAWN RAID BOSS/MOB W/ ITEM: ??? HELP!     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I am learning how to create an OFF server, but I have many doubts, I would like you to guide me, I would appreciate it very much!    
    • Hello, is possible any effect spawn raid boss/mobs?
    • wts 100kk adena set mj light unsealed set nightmare sealed set tallum heavy unsealed set jewels tts unsealed! soul bow ITEMS C GRADE  l2reborn origins x1
    • WTB AQ Reborn Origins x1  Only middleman.  discord: Mr.Saran#1369
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