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Tutorial By Chocobo


A mini-introduction for Secrets of Abilities. There is many secrets with those, that I can't have the whole list.



1. Crow Form (Thanks SFilip for Spelling Error)


AbilityId : Amrf


This is certainly the most known ability. It allows a ground unit with some triggers to fly.



Just adding and removing it does.


This does not work for buildings.



2. Locust


AbilityId : Aloc


Certainly the second most known ability, it allows the owner of this ability to be :

- Unselectable

- Untargetable

- Invulnerable

- Ignored from Orders sent by the player

- Hides the Hp Bar and Mp Bar

- Ignored by Pathing Limitations


The problem is, if we want to remove the ability Locust, using "Unit - Remove Locust from <unit>" won't work.


To remove it, you must use this trigger (you need JASS anyway) :


UnLocust Events Time - Elapsed game time is 5.00 seconds Conditions Actions Unit - Create 1 Fantassin for Player 1 (Red) at (Center of (Playable map area)) facing 0.00 degrees  Unit - Hide (Last created unit) Custom script: call UnitRemoveAbility(u,'Aloc') //replace u by the unit you want  "Unit - Remove 'Aloc' (Locust - Unselectable) from (Last created unit)"  Unit - Unhide (Last created unit)


3. Spiked Barricades, Vorpal Blades, Moon Glaive, Storm Hammer, Sphere, Sphere (Vengeance - Level 1), Sphere (Vengeance - Level 2), Sphere (Vengeance - Level 3), Sphere (Vengeance - Level 4), Sphere (Vengeance - Level 5), Sphere (Vengeance - Level 6), Ultravision, Lightning Attack

AbilitiesIds : Aspi, Aimp, Amgl, Asth, Asph, Asp1, Asp2, Asp3, Asp4, Asp5, Asp6, Ault, Alit


Simply, those abilities do nothing at all. They simply add Special Effect that is attached to the unit, or change the missile art of the attack without changing the AttackIndex to an another value that the normal one.



4. Build a Tiny Castle, Build a Town Hall, Build a small Altar of Kings, Build a Tiny Watch Tower, Build a small Barracks, Build a small Farm, Build a small Blacksmith, Build a small Lumber Mill

AbilitiesIds : Albl, Albg, Albh, Albt, Albs, Albf, Albb, Albr


Those abilities are very important if you want heroes to build a structure, that without the ability repair.


Values required :

Unit Created (per player race) : human unit, orc unit, undead unit, night elf unit

Cast Range : Distance of the ability to build

Duration - Normal : Time taken to auto-build the unit.


Acehart wrote:

Note that those only work reliably when used on items.

If you turn them into unit abilities, you can't have more than one on the same unit.


5. Penguin Cry


AbilityId : Alpz


This ability is based on Potion of Healing without any Special Effect and healing, but plays a Penguin Squeek.



6. Lure


AbilityId : Almo


Lure is a Special Ability. It lures any unit from a range every some seconds, using the unit Lure (nlur).


Values required :

Activation Delay : Delay taken to activate the Lure effect

Lure Unit Type : Unit that Lures

Number of Lures : Amount of Lure Units

Area of Effect : Radius size of the ability, affecting all units inside

Cast Range : Casting Range of Lure

Duration - Hero : Duration against heroes

Duration - Normal : Duration against units

Lure Interval (seconds) : Interval of the Lure



7. Engineering Upgrade


AbilityId : ANeg


This ability allows to change a learnt hero ability to an another one permantly, and also affects unlearned hero skills. It also allows to increase damage, and movement speed. The problem for this ability, is that, if you replace a learned skill or a unit skill, it will only update the fields, but it won't change the code of the ability.



8. Spellbook


AbilityId : Aspb


The Spellbook is able to handle 11 differant abilities, including other spellbooks. It holds passive, auto-cast, and active abilities and also hero skills.


A secret about the spellbook, is that, if you want a passive ability to be hidden, you have to disable the spellbook, then to add the spellbook to the unit, and it is finished!


The Spellbook has also the possibility to change it's orderId, it unallows in certain case to mess abilities, or sometimes to mess them if their Ids are the same.


9. Cargo Hold


AbilityId : Abun


When added to a unit, Cargo Hold unallows the unit to attack, and also removes the attack button and it's hotkey. To reallow to attack, just remove Cargo Hold from the unit.



10. Barrage


AbilityId : Aroc


The ability Barrage is ever used for Multishot abilities. It allows a unit to attack multiple units at the same time, instead of doing a multiple attack bounce.


And also, a hidden secret is inside this ability. Giving this ability multiple missile arts is very nice. Whenever the unit attacks with this ability, it will select a random art inside the list, and use it! And, it is for every attack!


Values required :

Damage per Target : Damage bonus of the ability, added to normal damage of the unit, and must be at least 1

Maximum Number of Targets : Amount of targets

Maximum Total Damage : Damage Dealt < Total damage

Area of Effect : Units are acquired if they are inside the area of effect.

Cooldown : Cooldown of the ability

Missile Art : Choose an art effect. Overrides the normal effect, and can be multiple.



11. Phoenix Fire, Phoenix Fire (Air)


AbilitiesId : Apxf, Apmf


Get a know about those abilities. They aren't the same. Phoenix Fire is an auto-acquired ability whereas Phoenix Fire (Air) is Permanent Immolation. You must know that if you do not want to do errors.


Values required (Phoenix Fire) :

Damage per Second : Damage dealt per second after the unit is hurted by the ability

Initial Damage : Damage dealt when the Special Effect hits the target

Area of Effect : Range of the ability

Duration - Hero : Effect time on heroes

Duration - Normal : Effect time on units

Missile Art : Special Effect of the ability



Weird Issues


In some cases, when the distance between the owner of the ability and it's target is beyond (Range - 16.00) and (Range), the ability will fire slower, at a 0.3 to 0.6x rate.



12. Chain Lightning, Healing Wave


AbilitiesId : AOcl, AOhw


Those abilities work with a same effect, but the first one damages and the second one heals. And they all bounces. It is very easy to inverse the effect of an ability, you just give them a negative damage/healing value. And if you change the Amount of Targets to 0, the ability won't be finished until the lightning art is ended. Also, when the Lightning still on the game, the ability is disabled.



13. Life Regeneration Aura


AbilityId : ACnr


Basically used by fountains to heal all units in a range by 1% every second, their particles can be used attach effects with team colors. Simply change all fields to 0, the range to 10.00, and the targets to Self. In Art Field, you can specify the effect you want, and you specify after the Attachement Points.



14. Permanent Immolation (Neutral Hostile 1), Permanent Immolation (Neutral Hostile 2), Phoenix Fire (Fly)

AbilitiesId : ANpi, Apig, Apmf


Permanent Immolation is certainly the best spell if you want to implant on a unit a life drain or a mana drain. You can change effects with the buff, and also repeat a Special Effect on the unit if you changed the targets to Self. You can hide it in a disabled spellbook.



15. Tornado (Tornado), Tornado (Tornado)


AbilitiesId : Atwa, Atsp


Do not get a conflict between those abilities. The first one can be called Tornado Wanderer whereas the second one is Tornado Effect (Tornado ability in auto-cast). Tornado Wanderer is based on the ability Wanderer, whereas it allows more priority to a random unit in a range, that the ability Wanderer prefers a neutral ground.



16. Slow Aura (Tornado)


AbilityId : Aasl


Certainly the best ability to create a effect without a buff that shows itself. It can also be used to increase movement speed and attack speed, like Endurance Aura does.



17. Damage Aura on Structures


AbilityId : Atdg


This ability is passive, and works like explosives without any death. It deals damage to nearby enemy units in a range, and affects with a greater effect closer units. You can change targets allowed to affect units.



18. Bloodlust


AbilityId : Ablo


Bloodlust is normally used to increase the power of a unit, it can also be used to increase the size of a unit.



19. Volcano


AbilityId : ANvc


Instead of using the normal effect of this ability, you can change the Destructible ID created to spawn your own Destructible. It gets removed when the spell is unchanneled.



20. Channel


AbilityId : ANcl


Channel is an ability made by Blizzard that works with triggers. It has a lot of options, more than your thought. This ability ever requires a trigger, because without that, it can't do something. It can also be used to trigger an effect without a trigger.


You can specify it to :

- Target a unit

- Target a point

- Target an area of effect (The circle thing)

- No Target (Instant cast)


And Spell type to :

- Physical Spell (Go through Anti-Magic Shell, Magic Immune..)

- Universal Spell (Go through anything)

- Unique Cast

- Target an Image (Determines if it Target an area of effect has an AoE Image)


The channeling time can be changed through the Follow Through Time, and the icon is disabled in option. The effect you want to the ability Channel must be triggered.


Also, the orderId of the spell can be modified.



21. Permanent Invisibility


AbilityId : Apiv


This ability gives permanent invisibility to the owner of the ability. When this unit attacks or casts a spell, it will become visible for a short amount of time that you can define in World Editor.



22. Orb of Slow


AbilityId : AIsb


This unique ability allows you to give a percentage of chance every attack to cast a spell, and does not ignore evasion (When you miss, this won't fire).



Known Issues


A weird issue is in which, you didn't ordered the owner of the ability to do something, and even if you have put the chance to do the ability to 100%, it will never fire.



23. Charge Gold and Lumber


AbilityId : AAns


This unique ability works like Channel (Must be triggered). But in this spell, you can modify the gold cost and the lumber cost! Very nice if you do not want to check how many gold or how many lumber a player has and to remove it.


This ability can have a changed orderId.



24. Ghost, Ghost Visible


AbilitiesId : Agho, Aeth


Those abilities work like Permanent Invisibility. But, if you add Ghost and Permanent Invisibility to a unit, it will still forever invisible, but still detectable.



25. Chaos (Kodo Beast), Chaos (Shaman), Chaos (Raider), Chaos (Grom), Chaos (Grunt), Chaos (Peon), Chaos

AbilitiesId : Sca4, Sca3, Sca2, Sca6, Sca1, Sca5, Srtt


These abilities transforms the owner of this ability to a unit type that has been specified in the unitId field of Chaos.



Known Issues


Morphing a unit adds it's current armor, damage, health, mana, provided by all items that the unit has, and also auras, and stats (Strength, Agility, Intelligence).



26. Alarm

AbilityId : Aalr


The Alert ability activates automaticly (and is without icon) when the owner of this ability is attacked, and will call units in a fixed range to attack it.


Values required :

Cast Range : Determines the Area of Effect of the Creep to order to attack

Duration - Hero : Duration against heroes

Duration - Normal : Duration against units



27. Ability Gold Mine

AbilityId : Agld


This powerfull ability used by Gold Mines allows workers to enter on it and to grab gold to the closest Town Hall. You can specify your own values for a special mining style of your own.


Values required :

Max Gold : Maximal Amount of Gold carried in the mine

Mining Capacity : Amount of workers that can enter the mine at the same time

Mining Duration : Amount of time to grab gold outside of the mine



28. Wander (Neutral)

AbilityId : Awan


This ability is designed for Neutral Critters and Mechanical Critters. It sometimes move the owner of the ability in a small range, but it is imposible to exploit the power of this skill.



29. Inventory (Hero), Unit Inventory (Night Elves), Unit Inventory (Human), Unit Inventory (Undead), Unit Inventory (Orc)

AbilitiesId : Alnv, Aien, Aihn, Aiun, Aion


These abilties allows the unit to carry items, and to use them if the inventory is based on the ability Inventory (Hero). You can specify if the unit drops carried items at death, if it can get items, use them, drop items, or it's capacity (max of 6).



30. Invulnerable (Neutral)

AbilityId : Avul


This ability can not be exploited by the user, and only gives invulnerability and nothing else.



31. Couple, Decouple

AbilitiesId : Acoh/Aco3/Aco2/Acoa, Adec


These abilities allow the (de)merge 2 units to one (or the inverse).


Acehart wrote:

"Pick up Archer", "Mount Hippogryph", "Dismount"


32. Eat Tree

AbilityId : Aeat


This skill allows the wearer to eat trees, restoring hit points over a fixed amount of time.


Values required :

Eat Delay : Delay to eat the tree. You still able to move while eating, do not forget that, so you can eat 9999 trees between that delay, but their effect won't be coupled.

Hit Points Gained : Hp restored over Duration.

Rip Delay : Ripped Delay

Cast Range : Range of the ability

Casting Time : You may want a wait to eat a tree, you can change this value to do that.

Cooldown : Cooldown of the ability.

Duration - Hero : Duration for heroes.

Duration - Normal : Duration for units and buildings.

Art - Special : Special Effect shown when the tree is eated in the mouth.

Art - Special Attachement Point : Point of attached Special Effect. Basically "eattree", it works only with night elves structures that have this. You may go to stand,victory maybe.



33. Root (Ancient Protector), Root (Ancients)

AbilitiesId : Aro2, Aro1


These abilities allows the building (or the unit if you customized it) to switch to an another attack index, allow the unit to turn or not, and to change the armor type of the unit (Basically turned to Large for any ancients). Durations are the waited time (when the unit gets paused) before the unit gets rooted.



34. Replenish mana and life

AbilityId : Ambt


Ability used my Moon Wells, it allows those structures to heal some units at the cost of mana. You can change the water height of the well, the autocast requirement, hit points gained by mana point, and mana points gained per mana point. You can also change if it runs only at night or in the whole time.



99. List of Unlevelable Abilities

Someone knows the exact name of each of these abilities? I do not have an English Warcraft III. I am certainly going to write their Ids later.


- Doom (Weird bug, but it can't be leveled, try it on units and you will see the weird effect that does)

- Permanent Immolation (Again weird, but its basically a unit ability)

- Maybe Defend (Never tryed it, I do not want a problem)

- Runed Bracers (1 Level or nothing!)

- Claws of Attack +<whatever>

- Ring of Protection +<whatever>

- Attack Speed Bonus +<whatever>

- Item Life Bonus +<whatever>

- Item Mana Bonus +<whatever>

- Gem of True Seeing

- Night Scope

- Life Regeneration

- Mana Regeneration

- Moon Glaive

- Thunder (The Chimaera thing thunder thing)

- Sphere

- Gyrocopter Bombs

- Call to Arms (Townhall)

- Call to Arms (Worker)

- Chaos

- Load (Tank)

- Load Pilot

- Build (Human)

- Deposit Pilot

- On Fire (Human)

- Magic Sentinel

- Turret

- Transformation to Phoenix (Egg)

- Vision (Air Machine)

- Upgrade Reinforced Burrows

- Upgrade Berserker

- Spiked Walls

- Chaos (Kodo Beast)

- Chaos (Shaman)

- Chaos (Orc Raider)

- Chaos (Grom)

- Chaos (Grunt)

- Chaos (Peon)

- Load of Chaos

- Load (Orc Burrow)

- Build (Orc)

- Detector (Ward)

- Devour Chargement

- On Fire (Orc)

- Garrison (Orc Burrow)

- Battle Stations

- Battle Stations (Chaos Orc Burrow)

- Stand Down

- Load (Meat Wagon)

- Ability Haunted Gold Mine

- Growth of Blight Broad

- Growth of Blight reduced

- Create a Corpse

- Unload Corpse

- On Fire (Undead)

- Exhumate

- Ghost

- Ghost (Visible)

- Locust

- Load Corpse

- Unsummon

- Gossamer-like snares

- Sacrifice

- Sacrifice (Sacrificial Pit)

- Freezing Breath //Undead ability without the icon

- Sight (Shade)

- Lightning Attack //Night Elves, Chimaera thing

- Load (Gold mine invaded by insane grasses)

- Load Wisp

- Ability Gold Mine invaded

- Ability to improve Tree of life

- Build (Night Elves)

- Ethereal Monster

- On Fire (Night Elves)

- Moon Glaive (Naisha)

- Vorpal Blades

- Entangle

- Magic Immunity

- Corrosive Breath

- Sphere (Vengeance - Level 1)

- Sphere (Vengeance - Level 2)

- Sphere (Vengeance - Level 3)

- Sphere (Vengeance - Level 4)

- Sphere (Vengeance - Level 5)

- Sphere (Vengeance - Level 6)

- Ultravision

- Create a Skeleton (Probably Black Arrow)

- Reveal

- Spy

- Fact of appearing Arachnida (Neutral Hostile)

- Fact of appearing Spiders (Neutral Hostile)

- Call upon Hydra

- Call upon a Young Hydra

- Creep Sleep //With Sleep Icon

- Creep Sleep //Without Icon

- Life Steal (Frostmourne)

- Alert

- Attack

- Buy Item Shop

- Shared Shop

- Mortal Cargo (Neutral Hostile)

- Load (Ship)

- Load (Zeppelin Goblin)

- Load (Ships)

- Ability Gold Mine

- Ability Portal

- Build (Naga)

- Build (Neutral)

- Poison Sting

- Unload (Air Transports)

- Unload (Sea Transports)

- Unlaod Instantly (Invaded Mine)

- Move

- Burrowed Detection (Flying)

- On Fire

- Wander

- Hero

- Invulnerable

- Rally

- Grab Gold

- Grab Gold and Wood

- Grab Wood

- Revive Hero

- Revive Hero Instantly

- Revenge

- Select the Hero

- Select the Unit

- Sell Items

- Sell Units

- Vision (Neutral 1)

- Vision (Neutral 2)

- Build a Small Castle

- Build a Miniature Village

- Build a small Altar

- Build a small Tower

- Build a small Barrack

- Build a small Farm

- Build a small Lumbermill

- Glyph of Fortification

- Magic Immunity (Item)

- Dark Summoning

- Mechanical Critter

- Standard Banner object of Orcs

- Item Bonus Sight

- Item Bonus of Temporary Speed

- Shadow Orb Ability

- Item Bonus Fire Damage

- Item Bonus Ice Damage

- Item Bonus Thunder Damage

- Item Bonus of Greater Attack Speed

- Item Movement Speed Bonus

- Item Captures Flag

- Item Captures Flag (Night Elves)

- Item Captures Flag (Human)

- Item Captures Flag (Orc)

- Item Captures Flag (Undead)

- Item Damage Area to Tree/Wall

- Item Experiance Bonus

- Item Intelligence Bonus

- Item Bonus Damage Permanent

- Item Bonus Strength

- Item Bonus Level

- Item Illusions

- Item Immolation

- Item Temporary Invulnerability

- Item Town Portal

- Item Soul Steal

- Item Recall

- Item Regeneration Mana

- Item Regeneration Mana (Lesser)

- Item Regeneration Life

- Random Item

- Item Soul Steal (Gem)





Thanks to :

• Acehart : Post 10

• SFilip : Post 3

• Jazradel : Post 14


If one of this share already exist or iam in wrong section one mod check it..!!Cya..!!

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