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[Share][L2j]Potion system

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Ok, I decided to make 1 nice share. It is potion system like on DN. You need Bishop, Cardinal, Elven Elder, Eva Saint, Shilien elder, Shilien Saint. Also, for crafting you need herbs, in sql file I havent added drops for them, becouse you should decided where to drop wich 1. Npc for crafting herbs is located in Ivory Tower basement, name Ralford (or something like that, i cant really remember). Its my work.

P.s. files in system folder are for INTERLUDE, and java files are for l2j!

Here is screen shot:




Download link:



p.s.: if u get msg "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable." just try to refresh page few times...

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@GodPower: thats just an example, but this 1 I added is for l2j.

@endART: well I'm good just at l2j, I dont know to develop l2off:DD

@paka: its simple, just add where drop on mob u want...

tell me if u want something more to done on it, its np, or anything alse.

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