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Adrenaline 1X [Aion-Reactor]


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NEW Server Aion Adrenaline




We are glad that you decided to visit our homepage.



Aion Hardware :


Aion Hardware:


Dedicated Intel i7 8 cores.


1,5 TB HD RAID 5

92GB/s Total link.

Location: Germany.

Running Linux 64 bits.


How to connect with Aion Server:

1. 1- Get our launcher installer from this Link ->Website .


2- Install the launcher

1. 3-Download and extract  in your bin32 folder->Download .



4- Start the launcher, register and play!




================ LATEST INFORMATIONS ============


Current projects(in development):

- Warehouses (account and character)

- Mail system

- Skill engine complete rework

- Completing the spawn list to retail-like in all areas

Some of the latest updates:

dec. 29

- Basic groups fully working

dec. 28

- Update for exp on levels 45-50

- Added all retail auto-learn skills for when player changes class

- Added skills for usage of plate, polearm, greatsword

dec. 27

- Zone Manager: Added No-Fly-Zone checker


- Gathering engine: Adding 3 new skills ( extract vitality, extract aether and morph substances )

- Gathering engine: Adding level up, base fail rate level check and critical rates

- Added zone manager

- Fixed arrow usage

- Bind Point spawns fixed and monster and npc spawns updated

- Fly Timer implementation


================ MAIN WORKING FEATURES ================


ALOT of features currently implemented [updated December 23]:

Over 200 quests working

Skills engine working(80%)

Job change


Item(gear) stats

Power shards working

Bow and arrows working

Party EXP working

Spell Books working

Improved loot system ( with proper owner setup, so nobody will be able to steal your loot )

Improved experience gain ( damage based instead of last hit )

Improved skill system, buffs, debuffs

and much more comming!!!


We implement fixes and improvements daily!!!




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