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[Gr]Bug Dyes


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Geia sas pedia den kserw ama exei ksana ginei ayto to topic ama exei ginei kapios mod na to kanei delete

loipon look the video

ayto ginete me olles tis dyes alla epeidh se merikous server to exoun fixarei prota dokimaste to me kanena bot ;) Cya..!!

Credits : Se mena gia to video se ayton p to exei kanei upload ...den to egrapsa gt nomizw oti to video einai kalutero..

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kai elega k egw pws vazoun dyes gia p atack stous destro.. ....



alla douleuei se interlue?

nai alla prosexe min fas kana ban giauto dokimaseto se kanena bit prota giati se merikous server to piran san megalo bug kai to fixarane ;) Cya!!!
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it doesn't work :( i get kicked


	boolean cheater = true;
	for (L2HennaInstance h : HennaTreeTable.getInstance().getAvailableHenna(activeChar.getClassId()))
		if (h.getSymbolId() == temp.getSymbolId()) 
			cheater = false;
		_count = activeChar.getInventory().getItemByItemId(temp.getItemIdDye()).getCount();
	} catch(Exception e){}
		if ((!activeChar.isGM()) && (cheater)) Util.handleIllegalPlayerAction(activeChar,"Exploit attempt: Character "+activeChar.getName()+" of account "+activeChar.getAccountName()+" tryed to add a forbidden henna.",Config.DEFAULT_PUNISH);


Get it, why?:D

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