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GlobalBan v3.4.1 [Updated 12/01/2008] (Source and OrangeBox)


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This combination of es scripts and php scripts allows you and your fellow admins to ban players from ALL your servers in-game or out of game.  All bans are stored in a MySQL database on your webserver, no more need to mess with valve's banned_users.cfg file!  I have encompassed as much as possible into the web front end as possible, much more will be added as time goes on.  If you use steambans, then this script probably is not for you, this script was written for those that wish to maintain their own ban system.


Note: Minor versions only require replacing files.  A minor version is 3.x.x.  A major version is 3.x.  Minor versions only are released to improve performance or for emergency security fixes.  Major versions are only released for new features.



  • 12/01/2008 - v3.4.1
    • Fix to the .php.rar file upload exploit.

    [*]07/05/2008 - v3.4


    • GlobanBan works with the orangebox now.
    • Servers can now be grouped together with server groups.  This allows you to apply 1 list of admins to multiple servers.
    • Admin Groups are now implemented.  You can specify GlobalBan, Mani, and SourceMod powers within a group.  You then can set an admin to this group.  Click on the admins icon on the Server Page to edit their powers.
    • A new Bad Name list has been added.  Any names that contain the bad name will be auto-kicked.  For example, you can add myg0t to have anyone that connects with that tag to be kicked.
    • New script command gb_consoleBanUser allows a scripter to use this command to autoban.  This lets GlobalBan know it was done by a script rather than an admin.  Refer to GlobalBan.py to see an example.
    • Mani and SourceMod support is in place.  If you plan to use it, you must disable Mani's database usage.  The same is true for SourceMod.  GlobalBan writes the admins lists to flat files.  Please be sure to backup those files before using GlobalBan to manage your lists.

      [*]01/25/2008 - v3.3


    • Threading removed.  Replaced with wget and requires your webserver to be able to send rcon commands to your servers.
    • Banlist now hides expired bans to normal users, admins can still see all bans.
    • Top menu changed in preparation for new features in 3.4.
    • gb_externalBanUser has been modified.  It now accepts either the admin's ingame userid, or the admin's steam id.
    • Admins can be enabled or disabled.
    • Mouseover explainations added to most admin functions (green ticks and red x's).
    • Admins can now disable their own bans.

      [*]12/21/2007 - v3.2


    • Admin list, ban lengths, and ban reasons automatically retrieved from web server on script load and map change.  No longer required to click "Save to Server" for these 3.  "Save Configuration" is still a requirement.
    • Server List page improved.  Server status (online/offline) is now shown with an icon and mouseover.  Player information now show as well.  Known bug that connect time shows incorrectly.
    • Installer improved drastically and designed to look like the "Configuration" page.  Super user is now created during install process.
    • RCON password is now ALWAYS required whenever updating a server.  RCON password is also masked and requires the current password to change it.
    • Sample GlobalBan.cfg file and class.Config.php files added incase these files do not get created due to permission issues or firewall issues.
    • Ban history is now viewable to admins when viewing an individual ban.
    • Some minor display fixes on various pages.

    [*]11/17/2007 - v3.1


    • Threading in GlobalBan ES script improved to fix odd delays.
    • New way to define ban lengths.  Ban lengths can be in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months.  All done through web.
    • New Configuration page added to web.  Saving the configuration will automatically generate the GlobalBan.cfg file on all CSS servers.  No need to touch the CSS server to configure!
    • Other minor bugs fixed.

    [*]11/04/2007 - v3.0


    • GlobalBan es script converted to python for Eventscripts 2.0!
    • clan_db script merged into GlobalBan, no longer need clan_db.
    • Mattie's system plugin no longer needed due to added functionality in ES2.0.
    • The webpage database/tables and configurations can now be done by executing install.php after placing the pages on your webserver.  Execute upgrade.php if you are upgrading from GlobalBan 2.2.





  • Stable -
Latest - http://www.unbuinc.net/gban-latest.zip (Use at own risk, must run upgrade.php and always pick last option.  Updated every day at 12am.)
Installation (Full Install): I have done my best to be as descriptive as possible with installation of this ban application.  Either post or email if any step is unclear.  It is assumed that you already have knowledge with mysql and installing websites.  If you are upgrading, skip down to the upgrade section.
Web Server (Full Install):
  • Within the GlobalBan zip file, there is a "banned" folder.  Save this folder to your webserver.  If you save it to htdocs everything will be in htdocs/banned.  You should then be able to access the web front end by going to yourdomain.com/banned.  If you wish to use SMF integration, extract banned folder to your SMF folder.
  • Once extracted, point your browser to http://www.yourdomain.com/banned/install.php and enter the input it asks for.  (if you use an external web host, you may need to set config/class.Config.php as writable)
  • Login and add your servers through the "Server List" link.
  • (SMF users can skip this step) At this point you can get all your other "members" to create a user, but you will need to give them the basic user create code.  This will create them as a basic user.  You modify their level of admin rights on the webpages through the "Manage Admins" link. (This is an optional step if they wish to be able to add bans through the website).
  • There are now multiple css style sheets in the css folder.  Pick one you want by re-naming it to banned.css
  • Before saving your configuration through the web, be sure to install and load the GlobalBan ES script

Note: Make sure you have outgoing UDP/TCP port 27015 (or whatever port you server is on) open on your web server.  This will require you to ask you web host to open the port.


CSS Server (Full Install):

  • Make sure ES 2.0 is installed.
  • Within the GlobalBan zip file, there is an eventscripts folder.
  • Save GlobalBan to your addons/eventscripts folder.
  • Add all your admins/members through the web application (if you wish for them to be able to access the website you must have them sign up with the special code or enter in an email address for each of them and execute the "reset password" to send them a password to login).  Those flagged as "admin" or higher will be allowed to add bans right away, however memebers who add a ban greater than 1 day are placed in "pending" mode for review (config value determines if the banned person is banned during the pending period for X days; if X days is set to 0, the banned person can rejoin until the pending flag is removed).
  • Add es_load GlobalBan to your autoexec.cfg
  • Restart your server OR exec the above two es_loads through rcon.
  • All members can access the banmenu buy typing !banmenu in say.
  • Once on you CSS server and loaded, add the server(s) through the web and then click "Save Configuration" on the Configuration page.  This will sync all of your CSS servers with the GlobalBan webapp.  If you modified the Ban Reasons or Ban Lengths, be sure to save those as well.
  • At this point, it is recommended to change maps or execute es_reload GlobalBan.
  • You may need to reload GlobalBan twice if you add an admin group with Mani or SourceMod powers.


Installation (Upgrade from 2.2+ to 3.4):

Web Server (Upgrade):

CSS Server (Upgrade):

  • Extract the new GlobalBan files into the GlobalBan folder.
  • Delete or rename es_GlobalBan.txt if it still exists
  • Reload your admins through the webapp at the end of this upgrade guide if you are upgrading from 2.2
  • You can now remove clan_db completely if you upgraded from 2.2.
  • On the Configuration Page, do a "Save Configuration".  On the Ban Reasons and Ban Lengths pages, do a "Save to CSS Servers".
  • You may need to reload GlobalBan twice if you add an admin group with Mani or SourceMod powers.
  • The upgrade is complete!


Levels of Power:

Super User - Full access to the web site (setting up servers, managing admins) and full ban privs.

Ban Manager - They can modify ALL bans and recieve email notifications for bans and/or demos and full ban privs.

Admins - They can only modify their own bans only and have full ban privs (includes ip banning)

Members - They can only modify their own bans, and any ban they do that is greater than 1 hour is placed in "pending mode" if you have the pending day variable > 0. If it's pending, the ban is only active for x days. If no action is taken (the pending not removed), the banned person is able to re-join the server after x days.


Reporting Bugs:

Report all bugs to http://code.google.com/p/esglobalban/issues/list'>http://code.google.com/p/esglobalban/issues/list


Subversion Repository for the latest working version:



This application has been tested on both windows and linux as well as on mysql 4.1 and 5 and php 4 and 5.



Question: I get a blank page after running the install.php page, why?

Answer: This means the installer successfully installed the database tables and created your super-user, however, due to permissions with your webserver, it failed to write the class.Config.php file to the config directory.  To fix this, copy or rename class.Config.php.sample to class.Config.php and manually edit that file to suit your needs.  Next, set the permission of that file to 777 so that it can be saved to in the future.


Question: All of my db files in the GlobalBan folder are 0 bytes!  Why?

Answer: This is an access issue on your webserver.  Please make sure you have a .htaccess file setup correctly that allows appropriate access.


Question: I banned a player and it shows up on the website, but they don't get kicked when they re-join, why?

Answer: You did not read the installation instructions fully.  There is a note right after step 6 of the web install.


Credits: Soynuts

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