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[GUIDE][G Final] How to remove augmentation effect (glow).

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I was seraching how delete augm effect from weapon and couldnt find answer so i was trying to make it on my own. Now im making small guide how to remove augm effect. Its for gracia fianl and on gracia final was tested. So:


1. Serach in ur system folder, a file variationeffectgrp-e.dat.


2. Open it with L2FileEdit.


3. When u scroll down u will se something like this (look at photo (click on photo for zoom))




4. Yes, those values are responsible for glow on our weapons when we augm it.


5. Delete those values and save file with 413 header.


6. Start l2 and look at final effect :)


width=1024 height=620http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/3426/shot00000pr.jpg[/img]



Credits to me. Sorry for my english :P


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