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[Interlude L2J] L2GodsWrath


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[glow=red,2,300]Welcome to .::L][GodsWrath::.[/glow]


This server provides the players an exclusive gaming and a nice staff !


.::Server Features::.





XP: 2000x

SP: 2000x

PartyXP: 2x

PartySP: 8x

Adena: 2500x

Drop: 1x

Spoil: 20x

Manor: 50x

PetXP: 500x





Save: +7

Max [Weapon]: +30

Max [Armor]: +25

Chance [Normal]: 77%

Chance [Crystal]: 90%

Chance [blessed]: 100% <- Only From Olympiad






AutoLoot: Working

AutoLearnSkills: Working

Delevel: Working

Crafting: Disabled

ClassMaster: Working

ClanPenalties: Disabled

ChampionMobs: Working

WeddingSystem: Working

AutomizedTvT: Working

VoicedCommands: Working

DropItems: Disabled

Manor: Working

Fishing: Working

Race: Working

Boat: Working

DeathPenalty: Disabled

PvPCountFromSameIP: Disabled

SpawnProtection: 60 Sec

InventorySlots: 200

WerehouseSlots: 250

BuffSlots: 48

WeightLimit: 99999%

MaxLevel: 85

Announce Raids Respawn System

Custom Castle Owners Announce

Working Clan Halls

Working Sieges

Working Curced Weapons

Towns are PvP Zone For Siege Participants

SkillsFixed: 90% [Rest Soon!]

Balanced Stats

Full Working GeoData


The server has Custom Armor and Custom Weapons WITH NO imba stats ! They are buyed for adena and are there just to replace S grade ones ! We worked hard to balance the classes and on the L2j packet ! We do not use any custom pack like l2jdot or archid we use only L2j which we worked on 3 mounths ! We hope the server proves to be good enough for your expectations ! Server hosted in Germany !







Server patch :





-server opened : 28.12.2009

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another failz0r interlude private pvp server



and i think your just looking for comments :) you didnt join you didnt see maybe only looked the site xD

i think someone should add a rule about this kind of comments ...

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Guest Рrototype


and i think your just looking for comments :) you didnt join you didnt see maybe only looked the site xD

i think someone should add a rule about this kind of comments ...


Agree You did not login to see the server insite ...

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lol 80% normal...come on u join and in 10 mins all max? ffs

Update: New armors added,they have same stats as Ice sets but look as apella.

New weapons added: same stats as icarus but looks as those epic weapons(dusk and etc)


P.S.:Why you use my text under ur avatar? :O


Armors look:

Ice Crusader Sets:




Legacy Sets:



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lol 80% normal...come on u join and in 10 mins all max?

P.S.:Why you use my text under ur avatar? :O


Haha, well normal chance now is 77%, Come one? LoL...

And yeah, If you remember me, Sevy, A moderator on your server's forum. Remember me :P ? That text i use on every site as a location so i can tell you put my location text to your signature ;)

Its like telling a guy named xxxKILLERxxx in CS that he stole your nick ^^ (Like 1kk people use that nick )


Anyways, you are dev or whatever there? I think i will join :)

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    • Server Susscesfully started with over 1,000 Players Online.   Raid Zone some clans while others still farming     
    • Interlude (C6) PVP server with custom modifications. Server has high rates and 80 level. at start. In server shops you can get free A/S grade and farm with it for better custom gears. You don't need buy many potions, soul/spirit-shots, arrows and etc., because this items is not consumable.   Main Features Start Level: 80 lv. Max Level: 90 lv. Custom Items. All Interlude monsters with modified levels (80-95lv). All Interlude Zones. All Interlude Quests with modified rewards. GM Shop. Global Gatekeeper with all Interlude Zones. Raid Boss Gatekeeper with over ~200 Raid/Grand Bosses (All bosses levels modified 80-96). AIO/Scheme Buffer with all buffs with modified durations (1-2 hours). Free Sub-Class. Free Noblesse Olympiad from 86 Lv. Rebirth System. Skin System - Skin use as normal item (special inventory slots for skins) Auction House (Marketer) System. Auto Hunting system (2 hours per day) Mastery System. Changed Augment system (less mouse clicks) And much more...   Some screenshots of server features   Gatekeeper: Buffer: Auto Hunt: GM Shop: Auction House (Marketer): Mastery System: Raid Boss Gatekeeper: Rebirth System: Skin System: Drop List: Custom Enchant Rates: Augment Less Click System: Gold Weapons:   HTTPS://L2CUSTOM.COM/
    • wts phoenix knight 85 skills +15 full subs nobless.   - Vorpal Hvy 1800 two pieces +6 - Cutter 300 +4 - Vesper bow +3 -Zaken/QA from olys 15 days remaining - Shirt S +5 - Vip Account   Price: 40 EUR Discord: Origen#6090   Got also more stuff to sell at cheap price.
    • Skilled and trusted guy and very helpfull 100% i recommend him!! Good luck with your sales!  
    • Rofl welcome back to 2008
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