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[Share]Loading Screen for CT2.3 ( Image of СТ3 )


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All greetings. I present to you Loading Screen for CT2.3. The picture was taken from the new part of СT3.





Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/g55p12m2d


Credits for me kali ( volond1 )

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what the....

it so damn cool.

is this picture from gracia epilogue?


Lineage 2: The Chaotic Throne 3: Peureya





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no smeli you made a mistake, look pres release.

CT2.5 = Epilogue

what is CT2.4 then?


Anyway, according to me as well this is CT3, new Chaotic throne.


Nice loading screen Kali, keep sharing :)

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nice looking image! but the black loading "line" at the bottom shouldnt be interlude style (i dont like it square)... and btw edit your title.. ct2.3 is gracia final.. ct3 is what u wanna add.

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here is some info.

Wondering what the next update will be in the Lineage 2 saga after Gracia Epilogue? Seams that the new update will possibly be named "Freya" and will feature some pretty interesting things.


It is planned to introduce Armor Augmentation, with different properties bestowed on Armor of different Grades

- Setting up Private Stores within a certain distance of NPCs will be prohibited to ensure access to those NPCs for everybody

- Recipes for basic materials (Cokes, Varnish of Purity ...) will be easier to get (via quests?)

►The Gracia Survivors' teleportation fees will be lowered

► Creating Cloaks for A- and S-Grade Armor is under consideration

► The Seeds on Gracia will be converted to instances during occupation too, and there will be more ways to get Attribute Crystals

►Sonic Rage will be modified so that it can be charged up to stage 8.

► The Frintezza raid will be converted to an instance.- Three new varieties of 80+ armor and weapons will be added. It is not yet clear at which precise level they can be used.

► Vesper armor will become craftable.

►As announced before there will also be new Raid Bosses in this update.


►with the new update, the concept of "War between Countries" (Aden and Elmore?) will be introduced. Kwondoh thinks that the wording indicates that this might not yet be in the Freya update.


► In the next update, every castle can be via a specific system elevated to a special level.


►There will be 20 new skills in the next update, "Freya".


►When summoning a Servitor, Spirit Ore will be used. It looks as if Spirit Ore will then have no weight (kwondoh still has to double-check on the weight aspect).


►Questions about the level cap were not answered. More info about that is expected in the course of the next year.


► you will be able to summon 2 Servitors and have whatever one-handed weapon in each hand, like for example in one hand a sword and in the other hand a blunt weapon.


► Because blunt weapons have a good accuracy, their crit rate will not be adjusted



►The Plains of the Lizardmen will be converted into an Archer hunting ground.


-►Skyshadow Meadow will be renamed into "Training Field of Power", the monsters there will be modified. It looks like this will be a hunting ground for Polers.


► In the Steel Citadel, Ranku and the Demon Prince will be converted into instanced dungeons.


►Frintezza will be converted into an instanced dungeon too, to the great joy of many users who had so far no access to this Epic Boss.


►In the Seed of Infinity the rewards during the defense stage will be increased.


►Antharas, Valakas and Zaken are scheduled to be reworked, a high-level Zaken will be added.



►For all Raid Bosses the possibility to level Soul Crystals with a certain probability has been added.


►A high-level "Labyrinth of the Abyss" will be added.


►The looting when hunting in a party will possibly be changed


►The number of quests a character can engage in at the same time will be raised from 25 to 40.


►The duration of the 3rd Class Change Quest will be cut to half.


►The experience that Servitors take from a Summoner will be reduced.


►The Hate skill of Tanks will be made stronger (this will make hunting in parties easier than ever).


►Tanks will be given attack-strengthening buffs they can bestow on party members.


►The Vanguard skills of Tanks will be improved.



►The CP value of Eva's Saints and Shillien Saints will be raised by 80%.


►More than 20 class-specific skills will be added, as well as 5 "Special Skills" that have to do with a newly introduced "Awareness System" for learning those class-specific skills.


►Apart from the classes, the Attribute System will also be changed. The number of Attributes that can be bestowed on an item will be changed from 1 to 3.


►A World Olympiad encompassing all servers will be introduced. Points will be gathered, and the server with the most points will be "Champion of Champions". There will be special benefits for the Hero Server.

(Not necessarily on NA/Euro servers; we also don't have he Battle



League tournaments).


►More than 20 new hunting grounds and 10 new Bosses will be added (in 2010, not necessarily all in "Freya").



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    • The point of emulating the gameplay of a client you like is to be able to modify it and change what doesn't appeal to you. That's why l2j exists in the first place. The bug you mentioned is just what we call it, a 'bug'. L2j fixing this bug is not a bad thing so I don't understand your point about the Critical Hit message (unless you were trying to prove you know all the details about l2off which I already believe you for).   I'm not the developer or have anything to do with L2Reborn other than playing in x30. I didn't start defending l2j from you, you pointed out that you don't like java servers and you prefer l2off, that's why this conversation started. And I still believe Reborn is a good server, at least in most players' eyes.
    • Thank you for sharing this with us!   
    • Oh maybe you are using aCis which is one way directed. Internal or External.  Which means that either you run the server on (localhost) or you run it by your external IP with portforwarding to your dhcp assigned 192.168...etc. But I've figured it out on how to trick the system of course in a limited way up to 4 external PCs (free plan) using Hamachi. This can help you build the server testing with your friends before you host it on production!  If you need more information on how to do that don't hesitate to hit me up on PM.
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