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I cant find a single link (not multiple link) to DL the GraciaPart2... Anyone got one of those?

i found it but the site gives me error i got a way to start downloading when its download it i will upload it somewhere and post link ;)
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just download it from some torrents its better


Nah, i wont, torrent need like 2night to download Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 (And its 3-4GB max).

My internet connection sux so no, i will wait for single link - i can download that in 3-4 hours...

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damn!! guys where i can upload a file with size 3.91 gb? if anyone knows tell asap to upload the Gracia part 2 client :P


Hmmm, i saw many sites now but i cant remember them :X


Anyone help please? I really want to play Gracia Part II again (for bug, huh :P)


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