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[Gracia Final L2J] L2 Raids


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     -Gracia Final

     -EXP: 25

     -SP: 50

     -Exp party:1.5

     -Exp party:1.5

     -Adena: 100

     -Drop Items: 10

     -Spoil: 20

     -Spoil without lvl Restrictions

     -Drop RaidBoss: 5

     -Drop Rate Quest:5 -(not all quests)

     -Drop Boss jewel -max 2 jewels

     -Max enchant:20

     -Max Safe Enchant:4

     -Normal Enchant Chance: 66%

     -Blessed Enchant Chance: 70%

     -GM_shop B max grade

     -Add Recipes Armor A grade

     -GM_buffer no 3ºclass

     -Global GK

     -Class Changer

     -Classchange everywhere possible

     -Subclass Max lvl 81

     -Subclass Certification System

     -Jewel Augmentation System

     -1 Hours Buffs

     -Working Wedding System

     -Vitatity System

     -All Forgotten Scrolls for 5 GoldBars = Gold Bars are not money are obtained from TVT Event

     -All Transformations

     -All Accessorys

     -All Agathions

     -Geodata+Pathnodes Gracia Final Engine activated

     -Hellbound full

     -Crystal Caverns



     -Path To Hellbound Working

     -Retail Hellbound leveling system



     -Events Raid boss

     -Event Medals , Enchanting Event +Enchant +prizes, Box Event, All Running

     -Events Tvt Ctf ...more coming soon....

     -All quests for Dynasty Icarus working

     -Nobless with Quest

     -Subclass without Quest

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Flavio Plz look Before comment ^^


Hmm, it happens, GrisoM posted right away (all tho i didnt get the information someone posted before me, the warning)


-Jewel Augmentation System, whats that? Those are little thingys above your head ^^?

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[Gracia Final] L2 Raids Opened 15/12/2009 L2j

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Re: [Gracia Final] L2 Raids Opened 15/12/2009

« Reply #4 on: Today at 07:42:04 PM »


Plz stop do Admin Work xD



If want something that you dont know about L2

I give you a nice place to learn

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Those Edit's time were pointless, i dont know why you posted them (i was correcting mistakes Oo)

And maybe i dont know by word but if i would saw it i would remember it ^^

Ehm, try visiting this www.IthinkImSmart.com , oh wait, dont , you already know it ;)

Sorry for those flames :D


/On - I dont like the rates much so i wont try it i think (90%)

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