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Guys am going to start Aion Official. I was playing wow in past but now is getting worse in my opinion. I have heard that Aion is like  2nd WoW but better.I am thinking to start in 2-3 days but i don't know anything about the game and i want to ask the people who play aion official some things.


1. Are there many servers to choose when you start?

2. If there are many servers...are they sorted like wow?For example pvp server/pve and normal?

3. Raids have tactics like wow?Or you stand and kill the boss?

4. Is pvp interesting?

5. Are all class soloable for leveling?


P.S You can give me more details about the game if you want. ;)


Thats for now...W8ing for answers. =)

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1- Yes there are, but in different method like in WoW


2- see 1 and this game is PvPvE (learn more about at the official site)


3- Some of them needs to be quick as hell and some tactic ( scripted instances, for ex. one of the instances when you fight the boss, you'll need to turn switches, or there will be "trouble" :) ) So shortly: Yes


4- Defenietly!


5- Yes, many things are depend on your level and gear, many quests need grouping, even if you are +10 level higher than the Elite mobs and you wear plate, they hit hard.

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