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[Request] Simply look

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I've been on so much servers. And this shall come to an end, please be sure to help me making it stop.

I'm not posting for myself here so I'll speak for my friend:


He's searching a server (mid or pvp) which is made for a long term gameplay with a population of either 50 people who are actually communicating, and not that the shout chat is silent. or a serv with 500++++++ population


NO unfair donates

The classes have to be really balanced which means not only daggers archers and tank are good for pvp...


Has to be a serious project.


Only accepting Gracia Final / Epilouge


(Dont suggest me: l2 Atlantis, L2 Nephilim, L2 Relapse, L2 Ownage, L2TNS)


Thanks in advance

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