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[CT2.3 L2J] L2 Sinister


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                                                              Xp: 45x

                                                              Sp: 45x

                                                          Adena: 250x

                                                      Safe Enchant: 3

                                                        Max Enchant: 26

                                                    Retail Enchant Rates


                                          Ower web page - www.l2sinister.com



                                                      ~Server Features~



                                                *Auto-learn skills.

                                *DAILY Updates - Active Development.

                                        *Respect to our community.

                                                  *Active GMs.

                                            *100% Balanced - 100% Uptime.

                                        *NO LAG - 3 RESTARTS.

                                      *Increased weight limit for characters.

                                  *Alliances consist of a maximum of 5 clans.

                                                  *Daily Events.

                  *Mostly of the skills are working (We work hard to daily implement more).

                              *Limited and Fair Donations.

                *Automated Remote Backups Daily, so there is no chance of any data loss.

                      *Mana Potions with Custom Ammount and Reuse Delay

                                        *Wedding Priest at Giran.

                                            *Global Gatekeeper.

                        *Custom Game Courency and Custom Global Drops.

                                    *Fully working Gracia Clan System.

                                    *Vitality System Fully Working.

                              *Custom Commands in Game for Players

                            *Duel System fully working. (1v1 and Party Duel)

                                        *Limited Buff Slots.

                                  *Augmentation fully working.

                                      *Limited Clan Penalties.

                          *Improved custom raid bosses with custom drops.

                            *Custom TvT Event every 4h, Capture Enemy Base, Monster Rush Event, Solo Instances

                                          *3 Subclasses.


                                      *Olympiad fully working.

                                    *Hero System and hero skills.

                                            *Retail-like clan halls.

                                          *Sieges 100%.

                                  *Full GM-Shop (Till A-grade)

                                *Custom RaidBoss Event every 4 hours.

                                    *General Buffs in NPC buffers.

                          *Gmshop, Buffer and Gk spawned in all towns.

                  *Rebirth System (Consists of Raid Skills) lvl 85 rebirth = 1 RB Skill <--

                                    *Custom PVP Colour System



                                                          ~Farming Zones~

                            > AA Zones: Imperial Graveyard,Monastery Of Silence,Primeval Insland <

                                                  ~This zones will also drop Silver~

                                              > Custom Silver ZONE in Hot Springs <


                                    Many more Custom Farming ZONES comming soon!


                                            ~~~ Tones of EVENTS ~~~

                                                        Rusian Rulet

                                                      3 vs 3 Korean

                                                    *New*Bounty Hunt

                                                      Hide and seek

                                                    Town War Event

                                                And lots of other events

                                            YOU WILL NEVER GET BOORED!



                            All you got to do is join us and help ower community GROW!


                                                Hope to see you all there ;)




                                                                                                      Merry Christmas :D

                                                                                                        L2Sinister Staff

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how old is this server ? and how big community... ?

bcs I'm looking for server like this with my friends.

We got 70 character from witch 60 are Active from time to time ...

There wasant alot of activity becaus not many people knew about us :)

We are now LIVE !! and hope ower community will grow ^_^

Hope you and your friends join us ;)

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can you explain ?

He started cursing on the server and i Banned him for that ...

He hates it becaus we dont tolerate GM Cursing !

We might be growing and need people but we defenetly dont need people like that ...

So thats why he dosent like it :)

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Am i the only one who cant pass the server selection screen....



EDIT: Nvm it was a server down, i can login now


EDIT2: U didnt mention theres only PP buffs in npc buffer... what a fukin waste of time/turn off....

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  • 1 month later...

                                                      ANNOUNCEMENT !

We have closed over high rate server and we will be back with one INCREDIBLE Project believe me you wont be disappointed we will have a Gracia Final l2jfree server UNIQ server the rates will be discussed in the Forum witch is still under construction but it will be betwen 10x-25x.. just be sure to check out www.l2sinister.com in about 2 months we will be opened BETA , Weapons till grade B in shop and just to let you have a little peak we will have WEAPONS that will EVOLVE just like your LVL...


                                        Close This Thread !


Thank you MaxCheaters!

      Best Regards

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