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interlude [Interlude L2J] L2-Tis


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After long testing mode, we've decided that we're ready to release our server.

So server starts today,  20:00 GMT+2 .we're expect you to join us !

Specially thanks for those who helped us to found bugs.


New players can find server information in our web,

for more detail info - in game.


Web - www.L2-Tis.visiems.lt



Rate Xp = 1000

Rate Party Xp =  2

Adena Drop = 1

Items Drop = 1


Enchant Rates:

Weapon = 75%

Armor = 75%

Jewelry = 75%


Blessed = 80%

Crystal = 90%


Safe Enchant = 4

Max Weapon = 25

Max Armor = 25

Max Jewelry = 25


About Server:

Server chronicle - Interlude

Server Up-time -24/7

PvP Color

GM Shop

Custom Item Shop

Custom GK

LvL Up zone

Buff Time 6H

Class Auto [20,40,76 LvL Table]

No NoBless Quest

No Grade Penality

Working Olympiad


Custom Items:

Icarus weapons [Worst]

L2-Tis Darkness weapons [Normal]

Epic weapons [best]

Epic armors [Normal]

Dynasty Armors [best]







Web - www.L2-Tis.visiems.lt

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Going to test it right now, i think you have much customs and i think it will unbalance PvP...

Just played 1 server with customs, they had too much stats so PvP (1vs1) was like 10 minutes Oo


Suggestion: Make Crystal Scroll 90% (like it is) but it doesnt - Enchant (stays on same +)


Make a crystall Scroll 100%... This is IMO.

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Sorry for double posting!


But i have problems in game - Adventurer class, after i use Lethal Strike,Deadly Blow my char automatically stop hitting the mob

(+ I dont see a lets say 'cast' of skill, i just see little timer above my had showing me skills is done)


WTF is that?


Edit: Same for Mana Potion!!! I click mana pot while walking and i stop. God

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