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[Help]Hero Weapons



Hi Guyzz..

To psaxnw edw kai pente meres kai dn mporo na vrw lysi..mporei mipws na m pei kanes pws mporoun oloi oi char na forane Hero Weapons..dn foriounte..kati sta configs fteei..alla ti?help me..exw psaxei ola ta config kai dn vriskw tpt...HELPPP :)

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Legontas oti den mporoun oloi oi chars na forane hero weapons, ennoeis pws kai aytoi pou den einai heroes?

Ean nai, tote ayto symvainei epeidh etsi prepei na einai, den einai kati xalasmeno >_>


BTW me preconfigured pack, den prokeitai na valeis mod gia na ta forane oloi ^^


Ean pali ennoeis pws oi heroes den mporoun na foresoun ola ta weapons, tote aytos pou eftiakse to pack kati ekane.

Ean einai preconfigured fusika. Kai etsi den mporeis na kaneis tipota, para mono na ma8eis na kaneis compile.

Ean omws to exeis kanei compile, tote kanto report sthn team tou project sou.

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