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[GuiDe-Tutorial]How To Hack Flash Games


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Hacking Flash Games

Part 1

In this article I will show you how to hack and cheat flash games, like getting unlimited ammo or unlimited health etc… For this article I made a custom application that you can download and use freely to achieve this, but there are some steps you should do before. Well let’s start. I would recommend that you use Firefox for the first operation but it’s up to you, I will cover both Firefox and Internet Explorer, but for the beginner Pc user the Internet Explorer method might sound difficult. Anyways it’s up to you.


So these are the steps for the first operation for Firefox users, Internet Explorer users scroll down until you find the Internet Explorer instructions.

If you don’t have Firefox then download it from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/personal.html and install it. You will need FlashGet, a very powerful Download Manager, download it from http://www.flashget.com/en/download.htm,'>http://www.flashget.com/en/download.htm, and install it. Now open Firefox and install a plug-in called ‘FlashGot’, download it from FlashGot http://www.flashget.com/en/download.htm - Best Firefox Download Manager Integration - what is it? - InformAction and restart Firefox. Now go to the website that has the flash game you want to hack, in my case I’m going to use wpnFire shooting Flash Game and if you installed FlashGet and FlashGot right click on the page (not on the flash game) and you should see this menu :hackingflashstep1.JPG

And select ‘FlashGot All’. Now you will see the following dialog


Find the .swf files and try and select the game, we don’t need the others, just the swf file of the game. And press Ok, select where you want to save it and then FlashGet should download it. So the first operation is done for Firefox users. You are ready for the second operation.


Now I will explain how to download the game for Internet Explorer Users.

Go to the website where the flash game you want to hack is I will use wpnFire shooting Flash Game, and let the flash game load completely! Now go on view/source menu and Notepad should come up, now go on Edit/Find and type in .swf and press ‘Find Next’ until you find on like ‘gamename.swf’ it is trial and error. Now when you think that you have found it close the Notepad and go on Tools/Internet Options, now on the General tab press Settings and click on View Files, now sort the files according to the File Type and scroll until you find ‘Shockwave Flash Object’ and find the file with the name of the game, copy and paste it where you want in this case it is ‘wpnfire1final.swf’ and close Internet Explorer and everything. Now you are ready for the second operation.


Part 2


Download http://www.sothink.com/product/flashdecompiler/ you may need to buy it, and install it. Open it up, go to Tools/Options and you will see this:hackingflashstep3.JPG

Deselect ‘Browse .SWF files without parsing’ and you are ready to go. Press OK and open the flash game you just downloaded. It should load and on the right you will see a bunch of folders like this: hackingflashstep4.JPG

ow find the Action Folder, and in it there should be one named MainMovie, open that and you will see a bunch of code. Now if you want to hack the health find something like _root.health or something like that. In this case it is _root.player.health but if you are hacking some other game then you have to find your own. If you cannot find it, then the variable might either be of another name that you cannot guess or the game might not be hackable! Ok once you find the variable copy and paste it. The second operation is done.


Now here comes the fun part! Download my program, please find it attached below, and open it up (feel free to scan it with every anti-virus you want) you will not find anything.hackingflashstep5.JPG

Now go on File/Open and open the game, in the Variable Name text box write in the variable that you found in step two, and in the Value text box write the value you want, now start playing the game and when your life (or whatever you are hacking) is low press the Hack it button and it will go up to the value you want it. For later use (as I’m 99% sure) you will not remember the variable click the Save Settings, and next time use the Load Settings. If it generates an error as soon as you press the hack it button it means that the game has not loaded that variable or it means that you wrote down the variable name wrongly!


Here is the detached file: http://forum.codecall.net/attachments/security-tutorials/412d1194533876-hacking-flash-games-part-1-thecomputermaster-flash-game-hacker.zip


All Credits go to codecall forum


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