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[GUIDE/TRICK]farm the same heroic over and over


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it's more like common sense that is why i posted it in general discussion


So with the release of the new patch and all the new gear I figured ALOT of people are after the crit + arp on procc trinket etc. And Ill basicly just tell you about how you can farm it unlimited times (a bit depending on luck) a day!


Basicly just do the instance as normal in a 5man group, pray it drops, but if it doesnt and you are willing to spend some time on another chance do the following:


Join random dungeon queue, see what you get, is it the correct instance you need? (FoS for the trinket) - Join, otherwise drop group and try again in 15minutes! (This could be combined with one of those posts about not getting debuff when you leave the group, but they might be all hotfixed already.)


I do realise this is pretty much common sense but atleast some of my guildmates did not know that you could get into an instance you were already saved to doing this.


This also gives you a great way of farming unlimited badges of triumph because there is no cap on random dungeons / day but I guess that was already posted somewhere


Credits: Mollymus

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Well, there are at least 8 heroics.

So you have (approximately) 1/8 chance to join the one you want.

With 15mins waiting time for each.

I don't suggest you can actually "Farm" the same heroic, but the fact that you can join the same one more than once a day is true.


Though, if you queue up as a healer for the random, and a tank (a friend of yours maybe) queues up for Pit of Saron, then you'll probably get pit of saron as well, and be in the same group with him.

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