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hmm i dont like the text also the boarders better add some white boarders and i dont like the size xD its my opinion so i can say what every i want

the bg hmm its quit good(for me)and the render is good...

nice try keep up.

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The text gets ruined by these bad placed vector brushes.


Good Idea to smudge the face of the signature in order to create some flow, although the opacity could be decreased in order to succeed.

Now, it looks weird.


These spatter brushes make your tag to look like a dirty PC's screen. So I guess it's bad.

You could decrease the opacity and give another effect, if you wanted to make it look better.


About the other brushes at the corner, my comment will be the same.


About the other part of the background, it is quite simple.

To sum up, your background colours match, but they do not match with the render's colours.


And last, but not least, you could sharpen the face of the render (I suppose that this is the place where the viewer must pay attention) and blur some other parts of it.




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