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[GR] Το καλύτερο Spamοπαίχνιδο !!!!

Guest karate1010

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Guest karate1010




to exo dei se kapioa ala forums kai exi fasi. ixane giro stis 500 apantisis emis pou exoume tosi oreksi gia koubenta 8a tous perasoume sigoura :mrgreen:



i kanones tou pexnidiou:



8a sas pw mia lexi kai o epomenos pou grafei prepei na brei mia lexi pou teriazei.






grafw: MP3



apantsi: MP3 - Download



epomenos: Download - Upload



epomenos: Upload - argei



epomenos: argei - sthn ellada ( :lol: )



klp. klp. klp.



an apantane 2 users tautoxrona metraei auto to post pou deixnei proto.



deite panta to teleutaio post prin kanete apantish!


xekiname loipon?



grafw loipon: Xristougena

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