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[help] Gameserver freeze



I have problem,im using latest IL server. Server runs well but sometimes i get error in console :

 Exception in thread "SelectorThread-49" java.lang.NullPointerException
at net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.L2GameClient.onForcedDisconnection(L2GameClient.java:483)
at com.l2jserver.mmocore.network.MMOConnection.onForcedDisconnection(MMOConnection.java:224)
at com.l2jserver.mmocore.network.SelectorThread.readPacket(SelectorThread.java:380)
at com.l2jserver.mmocore.network.SelectorThread.run(SelectorThread.java:229)

after that nobody can login in gameserver,all player in gameserver just get frezed - no dc. When trying to login getting stuck in server list panel . (showing server normaly online,but no action when trying to log in into gameserver). Maybe someone had similar problem and/or know solution?



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Powned by DDos Attack or Flood..


Nothing else to say, find flood protection for ( unknown packets, fix MMOCore, add more floods )


and try to re-open your server.


are u sure that this is some kind of attacks?

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