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[Exploit]Anti-Target System

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Bg:znachi ako dobre te razbrah prosto se regvame v TvT i relogvame i preimu6testvoto koeto dava TvT-to e 4e nemogat da te target-vat i zatova si God-lIke o.OO nice shte testvam


En:Tnx for posting i will test it now.


bg. DA

en. yes

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tested in l2java.com and worke ty :D


Ofc in java work..a lot of shit's work in java is not something new  ;Dtry it on l2 off :D


fixed in my server, when you restart you're not register :'(


What you mean? bcs i don't understand?try to explain better,what you're not register?

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say the names then... dragon network its 1 ?

but, if a player try target u 1,2,3,4,5,6 ... times and nothing... he will talk with gm about it..

so what's happes.. u will got BAN 100% sure xD



1. in dragon-network x5 - 10 - 15 - 30 - 200 i dont know if have TvT system

2.U can read in forum how to protect from Ban

3.U can make scram players with some items and u can kill him again and u can make fun , becouse u will can kill all players who u see and donator to , and they will cry cry cry :)

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