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Error in quests



gia sas usaro l2 jenova packet kai exw to e3hs prob


sta jscripts opos exoun ola ta packet alla to jenova to exei scripts opos h archid

mou vgazei auto



opios 3erei gia pion logo as mou pei


sta __init__ dn egrafe tpt p htan e3o apo tc fakelous k ta egrapsa monos mou :)


to idio mou vgazei kai sto archid :)

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new problem now !

kanei load thn buffer kai pataw buff me kai dn m vgazei ta buffs

na ta kanw

poio rev tis l2jenova exeis? an 9ec mporw na c dwsw to last rev dn nmw na exei probs

*to idio probl to eixa mono stn archid egw

*an 9es sto dino na ena link  http://depositfiles.com/files/7wbwufvpv


Kai Timeline Edw ..: http://my-trac.assembla.com/l2j-jenova/timeline


Egw 9a cu protina na use to l2jinterlude einai polu kalo new project k ein kala ftiagmeno

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Katarxas Mn Kaneis Double Post...Epita..Gt Xrisimopiiseis Jenova??? Gt Dn Kaneis L2j ??? Ola Auta Archid-emu-jenova-dot Exoune Provlimatakia...

Tha S Protina Na Ksekiniseis Na Douleueis Se L2j..

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