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Make a smooth of your own character


Create a lan server ;add a bot and set sv_cheats 1, bot_mimic 1 and bot_mimicyawoffset , and record yourself. Now the bot will make the same movements as you do


Change the aspect ratio (Make a zoom in game) this is usefull to not loose quality.

This recreates the awp zoom without the scope, really cool for smoothing



r_aspectratio 0.2 -> 2.0 (play around with values between this)



Basic : Set the framerate for your movie


host_framerate 0 (default) 90-180 is good in case you want to slow -down



Remove text on the left


hud_saytexttime 0


Remove muzzle flash,blood smoke


r_drawparticles 0



Prevent that your models are glowing


set the value of the commands mat_bumpmap or mat_specular to 0



Disable the "CT's/t's win" in the middle of your screen


set the value of the command scr_centertime to 0



All models got the same skin

set the value of the command cl_minmodels to 1
You can chose between 4 skins with the command cl_min_t/cl_min_ct 1-4



Eliminate bullets on smooth


sv_gravity -999999


3RD PERSON view (only on pov demos)


//First/3rd Person - 7

bind 7 "firstthird"
alias firstthird "sv_cheats 1;thirdperson;bind 7 firstthird2;echo Third Person Mode"
alias firstthird2 "sv_cheats 1;firstperson;bind 7 firstthird;echo First Person Mode"
bind y "+camin"
bind x "+camout"
bind c "+campitchdown"
bind v "+campitchup"
bind b "+camyawleft"
bind n "+camyawright"

Press 7
all this bind are usefull to turn around etc

(only works mit pov (ineye) demos.)



Remove Hud



cl_drawhud 0


Hide 1rst person models





Credits: Ey3shi3ld


PS. Not sure if this is the right section, move it..

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