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[Trick]Get more Gold in AION![Not confirmed in retail]


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Not sure if this has been posted before. But this works in the best of the best private servers wich is InfiniteAion. This "Trick" is good for those who are below lvl 15 and want some quick cash...


I tried this on asmodians, and i do not think it will work for the Elyos because they start out in 2 different places. So this will work ONLY for Asmos. Sorry for that.


[1] Use return or w/e its called that will teleport you to the place you first start out when you made your Asmo char.


[2] Get level 3, shouldn't be very hard...


[3] Look on your map and go north to find an NPC named Vanar [Please refere to the bottom link!!]


[4] Take his quest


[5] Go a little north to find baskets [Please refere to the bottom link!!]


[6] For each basket, you get about 110-130 gold (randomly) BUT it gives it 100%. Keep finding them and get that money.


[7] What makes this a trick is that people find only 5, which your SUPPOSE to, but if your smart youll keep going to get as much money as you want.



Trick: Find the little campsites that spawn TWO baskets and just stick around that area, be quick because others are usually around...


REFERENCE FOR [3] AND [5] >>>>>  http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/2010/12345rx.jpg <<<<<


CREDITS: To me ofc ^^





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some1 tested? i could make script for it if it really works.

well yea this works for asmodians but elyos have something like this but with sacks not baskets so somehow they are same-like...

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