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[Preview]My First Avatar Attempt + a new signature style :D


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So here's my first avatar  :D i love it :D


Thx to xaen for his great tutorial ;)








after this tut a new nice way came to my mind its not so great but its cool :D



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It is not even an attempt since you have made it the exact way xaen did. lol

i see two days i'm still waiting t stop the offtopics.

good i trying DS i like it too.


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v2 is better than v1.I like the letters witch are in the letter D.

But i don't understund why isn't your name but these letters?

its my name its say darky like darkslayer cause darkslayer is huge ;) i was thinking to put a d and small letters writing ark and an big S like D and small letters writing layer but it was huge :D . btw thx strike ;)
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I don't undestand you. Where is the off topic?


we tell our opinion for topics title?

tell your opinion and then make your OFF topic

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hmm you have t edit a lot your background...

one tip to make it better...

try into stroke t seems the wings of dragon to based on it...

and then it will seems as the dragon sit on your stroke effect

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No, no..

I was talking to DarkSlayer...Something is wrong with the dragon's wing...Is it cut? ???

Not well rendered I guess!

BTW DS your new sig style needs some fixes.If you apply them and develop your style then it will be pwnsome.Just start trying things.Try to cover that bad-rendered part of the dragon with a C4D on color dodge or smth like this.

And the outlines suck hard!

Keep up :D

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