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[Game Description] AION

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The game world is inhabited by a few fractions. These angels, demons and dragons. Between them is the eternal battle for supremacy over the universe. The player is given a choice of only the first two fractions. If the war of angels and demons advantage one party over the other would be overwhelming, in this struggle include dragons, computer. They will assist the playback side, so that did not violate a great balance. This is how players will transfuse months water from the wind in a net.


But developers say that the role players in this war is very significant. Our actions can cause an avalanche of events that changed the gaming world beyond recognition. Performance of each player on any server will send the plot on a road. Such acts «emerging», and when the «amount» is sufficient, for example, in the game world open or hidden dungeons, new monsters.


At the original idea did not end there. Rather than share the gameplay in battles with monsters (PvE) and battle with players (PvP), NCsoft decided to merge the two systems into one, yes, so that all this sound and look seamless. The new regime PvPvE manages the complex relationships between kingdoms, races and guilds. Artificial intelligence and the conduct of dragons will be on the conscience of the same PvPvE. It would be interesting to see if, when players try to kill the next boss, and he will invite them to join together against another clan. But to date technology are not logged so far. In fact, all this praise PvPvE likely promoted only because of the availability of a full-fledged faction AI-dragons. And the rest of the game is going to be like other genre of MMORPG.


In the release version of the draft will be available eight core classes, at this point is known only to four of them: a magician, ranger, warrior and hiller. Directions quite standard, and treat them does not make sense. The most interesting classes of NCsoft hid in the sleeve.


All who read in the childhood stories about angels and demons know that onyh is behind the backs of the wings that enable them to fly. And because developers loved to read the same book smart, they have introduced the possibility of flight in the game. This feature is used when necessary to get from one point to another world, like a griffin in WoW. Therefore, the full freedom of flight is not worth waiting for.


The developers make a strong emphasis on intelligence monsters. Moby can make us an ambush, attacking from the rear, surround and make strategic maneuvers, like the army of Suvorov. But the witnesses presented at the E3 version of say the opposite. The exhibition monsters were full of graven images. Brainwashing them just enough to pass for a couple of meters in the side and back. Most likely, the advanced AI will be available closer to release.


In its draft NCsoft is going to introduce an interesting quest grid. It is possible that the job will take place in several ways. For example, we need to get to the settlement of goblins and steal from the sacred book. Can stupidly interrupted all goblins and pick up a book, walking on the corpses. And you can turn your head and find a dinner bell, which announced that it is time trapeznichat. When we call him, all the goblins leave from their positions there. And the player only to get quickly to the desired building and pick up artifact.


While the game is being developed in Korea and in general it will focus on the global user. But many of the major signs «Korean MMORPG» left. In part, this relates to the graphic style and performance.


On the other hand, the project is on the Cry Engine, which was used in action Far Cry. The picture, given the game is quite clearly and beautifully, but you can see that the engine is already outdated procedures, and by the time of release this feeling increased. But the main features he did not rob: this elegant open spaces, and various visual and physical effects associated with the implementation of the water. The game will be weather effects that affect gameplay. For example, the use of fiery spells of rain will be ineffective, while the water will be ripe dual effect.


The music for Aion wrote Kinihiko Ryo - one of the world's leading composers. His soundtracks are used in movies and on television. We promise to emotional and atmospheric song, which will naturally intertwine with the action happening on screen.

Given the seriousness of NCsoft approach to this project is to draw attention to this game in any case, as well as experience in implementing innovative MMORPG from Korean companies is very high.


Official website of the game: http://eu.aiononline.com


System requirements AION:


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